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We don’t find freedom by knowing fear inside and out. We merely find that we can be free and hop back in the hole most times. People are in love with the devil they know.

Do You Feel Whole? in Compassion


We exist in a fabric of being, not of thinking. Our thinking can potentially derive its content from this pre-existing being. There was something there that was thrown out yet again in the age of reason, in the name of freedom, in the supposed service of truth. Have you felt it? Do you perhaps feel it now? As we are thinking this way? Can you think and feel alive at the same time?

Thought is good. I like thought. I would no more want to be thoughtless than I would want to be blind or deaf. Thought can serve, is supposed to serve, but what does it serve now? Do your thoughts serve you or you serve your thoughts?

I feel like I am my thoughts. I will ask you who feel you are your thoughts, do you feel whole? Does anyone? Yes, or they can. When you are your thoughts then other people are also your thoughts, because your thoughts are made into the basis of being. Your problems are also your thoughts. Your suffering is also your thoughts.

I know when my brain isn’t functioning correctly. I don’t feel whole. That’s partially why I don’t like drugs. If you are your thoughts, how would you know something was wrong with your brain?

Thoughts are like an addiction. Anything that becomes self is addicting because you are trying to replace what you need with what you think you can have. You need life, yet you limit life, even choke it off. Thoughts and ideas can serve life. What would we call that if this were the case? Compassion?

Enlightenment? Enlightenment implies liberation. People look to be liberated. They want to free themselves from things all the while applying new things to the things they want to free themselves from. They want to free themselves from people things, and flesh things, and animal things, religious things, and political things and economic things. Anyone free yet?

Wouldn’t that be death? Yes, and they eagerly seek it, but they have a prettier name for it than death. They call it real life. They seek real life like their life depended on it, don’t they?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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