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Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

People Are Life in Compassion


We know people we would call compassionate. What are they like?

Very present centered. Yes. They are present centered these people with compassion. When the baby is crying, can you put it off till tomorrow? Do your instincts make you feel like you can or should? When your spouse breaks into tears, can it be ignored?

We have an instinct. It emerges before thought, but often gets refracted through a lens of heavy prejudice, pre-judgement, pre thought. Is there any thought that is not judgement?

I’m not even sure why compassion exists. And you aren’t sure why compassion exists because it exists before that part of your mind that makes up reasons why. We worship why, but do we find why? We think we know why, does that thought last?

Some folks like mystery. Indeed they do, and often lack compassion. The love of mystery is the basis of many orthodox religions. What do we have to do when something is mysterious?

Is the question of why linked with compassion? It is in no way linked to compassion. No. The question of why has remained unanswered to date has it not? We look very deeply at things, and this is why we revere science, the rule of law, our institutions. Anyone happy because of these things? I mean the question sincerely.

I would rather live now than before those things existed. Oh indeed, this is an important time, but not because we are happy, not because we have peace. After titanic feats of thought and investigation we do not have these things. The secret to compassion will not be found in any searching or probing. We have explored in the same state of mind that has created all of our current problems.

People are people. People haven’t changed in the past 500 years. They probably won’t in the next 5000. People will always be selfish and greedy. Oh, I think things can change because people are life before they make themselves into people. We don’t need to look deeper. We need to look differently.

We are walking examples of why yet we look everywhere but at ourselves for the reason why. We are walking living breathing life, and yet we look at organs and systems and tell ourselves we understand life better. We are the source of everything we possibly desire, and yet lose ourselves in the search for satisfying desires and cravings in things outside of that source.

You want shoes, but do you want the shoe maker? You want peace, but do you want the peace maker? You want answers, but do you want to be the answer? Nature didn’t make broken systems, but we have broken systems, broken hearts, broken homes, broken minds. Why is this?

Drama is interesting. A perfect world would be boring. Interest is interesting. The process of interest is self-serving, innately.

It takes a lot of effort and people are lazy? It’s easier to cop out and be broken? Actually, it takes no more effort than looking, and people are misguided. We need to know food is food and not waste.

Religion has tried to make people compassionate, but only created yet another way to attack people. Indeed. It’s because they tried to make people. People-craft only works up to a point. Poison works too. When it works too well they call that an atrocity.

We do have a need to identify things for what they are, and we have discovered in ourselves an ability to see what things can be but are not now as well. We are quite talented in these ways are we not? But there is something missing, no? Can our industry make it? Can our science find it? Have they yet? Does art express it? Know what I am referring to?

You’re referring to heart aka spirit aka life aka compassion? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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