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Live your life. I said live it! Live it, or I will give you a dirty look I swear…as everyone wanders off ignoring the crazy person.

Conditioning in Resistance


Conditioning is a terrible thing to overcome, and in identifying it we resist it. It was all we were taught to do… not identifying the source, that primal world that we still come from.

We didn’t arise by accident. No body does. Accidents are human, but even that is not defining. Accidents are human, but humans aren’t accidents. We can see that source. We don’t, because we look elsewhere. All the great traditions basically say the same thing. We look elsewhere for a solution, and fail to find it because it isn’t elsewhere. It’s right under our noses.

It’s in us…nature…God. Whatever higher power you acknowledge. It didn’t do a partial job on anything, and didn’t make any mistakes. This isn’t possible, and yet we judge.  We declare things to be wrong, to be mistaken and thus create our own boundaries. When you say to another, “you are wrong”. You say nothing about them. Remove the timber from your own eye before removing the cinder from your neighbours. When you see clearly your own limits. You will realize that you need do nothing for them. By moving beyond, by transcending the mistaken notions, you already do the best thing you could do.

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The Buddha wasn’t a Zionist, he didn’t seek to save souls. One of his most powerful sermons didn’t even consist of words. The ideas weren’t his. They were there, as he said. His words at most were like describing the spiritual weather. Regrettably, it was like describing what rain looks like to a blind person. But the blind aren’t and the sighted often are. This is why he spoke so much about the senses. They aren’t bad, but people misidentify them. Identify with them. When you say seeing is believing or that only what I can touch is solid, you create barriers. Fictitious ones at that.

Can you see love? And yet it’s one of the worlds most powerful realities. We don’t truly create anything, not objects or barriers. We cant make the air behave like steel, the air is air. We can’t change anything’s essential nature. And it’s wonderful that we can’t.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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