'Resistance' Chapter


Much spiritual teaching today extols control and resistance. But resistance comes from the idea of struggle. That we need to ‘attain’. Resistance is statis and what you resist you anchor yourself to. Hold your principles. Those things that engage you more with life. Recall your instincts and act.

If everyone learnt the simple lesson about the cycle going full circle then life would be so much easier. It would be less contentious. Less argument and struggle, less stifled. More dynamic. More healthy for people in general. If blood flow stops we die. So perhaps flow is good. Flow is positive, resistance is negative. Stagnation. Flow is change and growth and opportunity for correction.

Attention creates reality. It is a mighty power. Example, at any given time when you are at odds with another. Is it not also true that their is something good about them? Like opposing magnets? You can flip poles with a change in focus

The secret to mastering diplomacy is really not much of a secret. Your not actually opposed to who you disagree with.

“At fifteen life had taught me undeniably that surrender, in its place, was as honorable as resistance, especially if one had no choice.” Maya Angelou

Nature of Resistance

I find that just as in physics, resistance plays a big part in spirituality as well. What we resist isn’t removed by our resistance, and much of orthodox religious teaching seems to extol resistance, denial, asceticism. I suppose they can… Seek More


Conditioning is a terrible thing to overcome, and in identifying it we resist it. It was all we were taught to do… not identifying the source, that primal world that we still come from. We didn’t arise by accident. No… Seek More

Resistance: Essence and Form

About changing essential nature… I can turn water into vapour. It’s in waters nature to become vapour. You interact with it, but you don’t change its nature. The sun makes it vapour also. It is a part of what we… Seek More

Resistance and Principles

What is the difference between resistance and principles? Principles manifest as essences, and they don’t block you. They empower you. To say I believe that love is the highest ideal. What does love as the highest ideal prevent you from?… Seek More

Instinct to Overcome

If you do a thing and you do it right the first time, what must you learn? Really nothing. That is not defining of the human condition, but we make it a part of it. Mostly, because as I have… Seek More

Helping Others

Let’s focus for a moment on resistance. Withholding. If a child reaches to me in fear and I reject them, what do I gain? Nothing. So is it in my best interest to be cold? If an old person sits… Seek More