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The best searching will be done alone even in a marketplace of teachers, because they can’t sell you your own soul. When you see your own path clearly, then you see life differently.

Contact With Fae in Fae


I was probably 16, and it was night time. I was asleep in my room. My mother got up because the dogs were barking and she turned the light on in the hallway. I woke up and saw the light shine into my room under the door. On the floor of my room was a little man.

A dimensional breach always generates light, though often dull.

He had long limbs and was kind of folded up. Elbow on one knee, and he seemed to be reading something. He had large almond shaped eyes and they were gold. He had curly hair (brown I think) and a green coat.

Fae. A Brownie. Brownies are among the animal Fae, related.

He turned his head to read and kind of swayed like a praying mantis. I thought he was a Leprechaun and wanted to welcome him. I sat up a little and started to say something, but then I got scared.

It is good he wasn’t Leprechaun. What scared you?

I had the thought that he might not be friendly, that I didn’t know what he was. I went back to sleep as if it was too much, and I just shut down.

Ah, he was communicating. He made the same comment to you I did. He was telling you a Leprechaun wouldn’t be friendly. Did you feel a weird urge to itch or twitch or dance?

No. I just remember feeling honoured and that it was cool to see something like that, and I wanted to make friends. Ah, the symptom of linking with them is “the dance”. He was already your friend from his view. He lived there. It is possible you still live with that Brownie.

He lived in my room or in that area? The backyard has a creek running through it. That house, but he had the freedom to wander that area. He can also pick up and move. Your Brownie is a house dweller. They live with humans.

Maybe he’s still around then? Possibly. Do you have bad luck? If you have the Brownie hanging around, you would have bad luck when things get to be a mess around your house, or on very lazy days. Brownies don’t like messes.

I’m pretty messy sometimes. So they like clean places? Yes, or work places. They can handle clutter if it’s because you work there, though they take tools.

I usually have books and art supplies laying around. Oh, Brownie would like that. You have a fair bit of red in your art?

A lot of the time, but it’s usually an accent color. I use a lot of black. Brownies are related to Redcaps, but not as nasty.

Is there anything they really like that I could do? They like music. They do not like whistling. They like bells, and they like pets.

At that time, I played music all the time in my room. It was likely there listening. They are huge fans of music.

Were my dogs barking at him? Barking to him, yes. He speaks the language, also speaks bird, specifically sparrow. They do not like cats. They like animals in general, but cats tend to stalk them. So they find them very frustrating. Dogs just “sing” for them. They like that.

They do bring good luck if they determine that you are productive. They are “scroungers”. If you use stuff, they get more stuff for you to use.

Is that why I’m always finding odd things and taking it home for artwork? Yes. It is possible he goes in what he would think of as your “carriage”. They also fix them.

My cars have always been good. They only break down in the driveway or near a place to turn out of the road. Sounds like you have a Brownie. They stay with children who grew up with them. They “adopt” these children. This is often why a parent will seem to have a change of luck when the child leaves. The good luck went with the child, because the Brownie did. If you are one of their children, it’s for life. From their point of view, you are one.

How can I communicate with him? Talk. They listen. And give him a bell, also brooms. They like chimes, and can show up in water.

I brought a wonderful broom back from India. Oh, I am certain he will like that. Give it to him, which doesn’t mean you can’t use it, but act like it’s his. It will please him immensely. He considers you a family, which means you prosper together and work together in general. Just don’t spit on his home, metaphorically speaking. They don’t like outbursts or destructive behaviour. This will cause a response. Often these days, it’s light bulbs blowing out, and then eventually lost money. Then unusually tangled hair. Anything a bratty pet/little sibling might do until they get fed up and leave. There have been very few Brownie related murders.

Usually, I’m very quiet. But once I did throw a fit and afterwards a scorpion stung me. Any relation? Yes. They use vermin, as many Fae do.

If you are curious about Brownie related murders, there was a kill on someone who was guilty of home invasion. It‘s best not to let someone come and go as they please unless they already live there. They get to know their families habits.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. jackie

    it was just last year when i was ten and i found a little choco chip on my bedstand…. i was like ok…. then a few days later i found another one! and that hasnt happened for a bit… one night i heard a rustling and a frog jumped out!! a frog in my room! also i play flute,sing,dance, and at night i also read storys and plays out loud in an acting manner. i all the time hear noises in my room at night but just blow em off to b nothing. is there a brownie in my room?

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