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Vanity arises when you believe beauty is a moral or social virtue. True virtue needs no classification.

Cosmic Nonsense in Nonsense


Perhaps we could consider evolution. All forms of evolutionary pressure arise from the interaction not of objects, not of edges, but of relationships. If edges were a necessary and vital rule, human beings couldn’t exist. Our mitochondria remain their own organisms, but they completely ignored our edges and our life functions depend on them. So our initial agreements were not voluntarily entered into by us, and certainly not consciously.┬áThe initial agreements are molecular bonds.

They even refer to nonsense coding errors in genetics. This specifically refers to errors that result in a premature termination of a codon chain and makes the DNA behave like an incomplete sentence. The physics of our universe acted on this entire process, even from the point of the material having it’s origin in space, in the stars, and in all probability a large fourth dimensional black hole.

Contemporary science is heavily invested in the concept of nonsense. A lot of their models don’t work so wonderfully well without an accepted cut off point, but this is beginning to reverse itself. New advances in quantum computing, specifically encryption, are making them reverse the notion that information cannot be retrieved once it enters a black hole. Amusingly, they both need this to be true, that information can be recovered, and they are also unprepared to deal with what it means about their physical model, but this is all cosmic nonsense.

Why should it be cosmic nonsense? I will explain as I continue. It is an excellent question.

You personally are a big ball of cosmic nonsense, a locus of such complex information that without interaction you could not exist in this universe. This interaction began with your very conception, a complex of probability coming together and resulting in a localized expression of a dynamic that has been going on for what some of the newest models would say has been eternity. The process is really quite simple, no big bang, just time space conversion, and the model has excellent predictive potential. The baseline is time and energy. Energy becomes mass as time is extended into spatial and durational length. How this relates to conception? Well, DNA is at its very basic level a set of coordinates in space and nothing more. Empty space that we can track a little bit of energy in.

What makes that early spark of life become a human being, and not just fall apart, is coherence. What is coherence? Anyone want to offer a definition?


An equality in movement/development?

Doing what makes sense?

Tension, attention. What do you think of this for coherance? Is there a difference between attention and tension?

Equilibrium of tension and attention?

Each element begins to attend to another through a form of resonance. Just like we respond to sound or light, the particles respond to a “sound” made by other particles. This sound can even change and change how other particles react to it. Tension is only registered when something has a persistent relationship with something else. Is this not so?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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