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Cruelty is Rejection in Kindness


Reality is kindness. Cruelty is delusion. Who I am, really, is the only kindness I can show you.

Cruelty is rejection? Yes. Is there any cruelty without rejection? Can I include you as an entire being and also be cruel to you? Sometimes social disturbance is like a weather condition. Storm clouds are people to, and like people their behaviour will change.

I bought shoes with the money that person kept sending me. I stopped sending it back and he stopped offering it. This was as it should have played out. You included his behaviour which led to his behaviour changing naturally. When you act defensively, even that is an inclusion. When circumstances have made you feel genuinely threatened, then allowing some form of reaction to that is also a natural and proper growth of the situation, and to preserve the integrity of beings would be like freeing someone from a bricked up cell.

Honestly, society should do that more. React to the parts of the machine that are threatening us. I am not any one of my parts. I am greater than the individual parts, and what you perceive to be a part of me may be no such thing. But if someone generalizes about another, has an issue with one thing but believes it describes the entire person…

I will say that to the next flasher I meet. You are more than your parts. Excellent, it’s true. I find parts of things very disinteresting. Due to my condition, I can’t even adequately focus on them. To understand people I actually have to look at the general presence they provide in the environment. They don’t give clear answers. Your darting eyes say something different than your warm smile. Your friendly tone says something very different than the furrows on your brow. Together they make no sense to me, but when the expressions all play out, there is a memory left, kind of like the term they use in describing perfumes. What lingers after your state has passed says things more clearly than the dance of activity in your body.

So you can perceive when someone is not being honest about their feelings. Yes.

By the details of their expression? Not by the details of their expression. Those are all over the place. Looking at a person is like looking at an image in a broken mirror, but they leave an impression.

Wise words are empty boxes falling into the void. If we ARE wise, we need say nothing and the wisdom is transmitted. Yes.

Your classes don’t have parts. It’s like you provide a whole hologram of any subject that can be gazed at and absorbed like art to see the full meaning. For me, no-thing included includes all things and people.

If you help someone, just see a need and help, it’s ok. Indeed. But if you do it because you want something, like want them to like you or something, it will backfire. And be mindful of the relationship between helping and hindrance. To help by stopping the person’s action is hindrance.

I find that people, who don’t like you anyway, won’t accept kindness from you. They reject, or they accept, thinking it will make you go away. And most people who behave that way don’t have a short list of people they reject. It grows long, and started with themselves first.

They rejected their own self kindness? Yes, otherwise they wouldn’t involve themselves with hostility toward another.

Reminds me of the guy from Stripes. He keeps saying if any one touched his stuff or calls him Frances he will kill them. But the drill sergeant calls him Frances anyway. In the end he lightens up of course. Yes, he finds some sanity.

A very hostile guy but shrinks from authority. This is why he was hostile in the first place. The two go hand in hand.

And Bill Murray is exactly the opposite. Nice to everyone but resists the army brass. Yes, even avoided hostility from his commanding officer. Hostility can be both present and avoided.

Patch Adams. Also a good movie. A fantastic look at what kindness can do.

What Dreams May Come tells the story of what opportunities for kindness lost means.

Or Amelie who does these elaborate scenarios to make other people happy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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