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Before progress, you just lived your life. After progress, you’ll just live your life.

Dark Practice in Dark Ascension

Dark Ascension

Let’s consider a tradition others might consider almost barbaric. There is a sect of Buddhist monks that practice an unusual rite of passage, mud wrestling, and I don’t mean some pseudo-erotic nonsense. I mean they get in the mud with the initiate, and they proceed to actually fight. They fight to exhaustion, and then conclude with medical care and a meal. Nothing to learn from this?

Sort of like sparring. Yes, no actual loss of life, and the mud makes exhaustion set in rather quickly. But after, they talk about the experience as it is a metaphor for the process of suffering. Can anything teach this more clearly? You disdain violence, but do you really know why? You abhor greed, but do you know why? If you knew the answers to these things, what would life look like?

It’s today’s violence without honour that is distasteful, greed without principle. The hate rhetoric being spouted by atheists toward the supposedly more hateful religionists is what leads us to the apathy and ennui that leave people believing that everything is relative and true only in the subjective sense. When all truth is relative to the observer, what is there to honour in another? You may agree on some simple rules, and yes, this is practical and even might make you feel good, feel moral, but in time all these things play out as they are simple habits of the human mind, and cannot draw strength from anything beyond the state of being that individual knows at the moment.

Most people nowadays only care about something if it affects them personally. They cheer when someone else’s privacy is violated, but then whine when their own is. The highly principled social services worker today is easily next year’s raving psychopath.

Are the traditional mafia families practicing dark ascension? They are if they hold to any of their old values. The dark path was much more common in feudal and “barbarian” societies. It’s just as natural as growth through awareness and peaceful reflection. This sound untrue?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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