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Darker Celebrations in Celebration


At one time, earlier in human development, there were darker celebrations. We have now determined that only things we decide are positive are worthy of celebration, which really means that we celebrate nothing.

The road of life goes two ways. We are brought up to think there is a forward and a backward. In my experience, this is not so. In fact, the two ways are like two lanes, each paralleling the other. One brightly lit and pleasing. The other deeply shadowed and confusing or frightening. In the past, they would hold ceremonies for really bad things, as well as really good ones. These dark ceremonies served to inform people about the reality of that path, and the conditions on that path. Are we better now that we don’t acknowledge these things?

There is a Native American celebration. It’s relatively new, but it is based on their older traditions. They do it when someone is an alcoholic. Sort of like an intervention, but less politically correct. It starts with isolating the alcoholic and enforcing a fast. No beating, no actual assault, but during this forced retreat they stage events that illustrate what this person has done to their community and their family. They ramp these up and even go so far as to disturb the isolated ones sleep, and they are very passionate about the things they say. They keep this up until the person breaks (for lack of a better word). They wait for weeping or a state somewhat like catatonia. Then they change. They re-introduce the person.

It’s still a celebration. They show that they never really were separated from their families, and that they still have a place and a life. But they have to have that “dead” state before they can move on. So the seeming stagnation is still growth.

I am familiar with this approach. Here in Hawaii, we did something very similar in our rehab programs. The barrier/pattern has to be dissolved and once melted away a new growth pattern can emerge. Actually, the growth that they have been missing during their dis ease time. They are free. Something similar was done in ancient Greece. For most, the religious ceremonies were just social functions. The average person made offerings at the temple of Zeus, because it was just what you did as a member of the community.

We do ceremonies for the grief process in that too. One of my sayings during this was, “Coming home to the story of who you really are.” It’s a good thing to celebrate.

Yeah, and we would make luau and party and sail canoe and celebrate this “homecoming”. In your culture, parties are likely still bonding for the people. It is very often not so in the States. People get together and cut loose, and destroy their relationships with other people.

Here we have this dual culture thing. Raised an Hawaiian, but giving in to the western influence for certain purposes. Yes. Regrettably it’s a functional necessity for your people.

It has caused this disconnect from spirit, for many. But Hawaiians and other indigenous people still have a better understanding of celebration than modern society does.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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