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Don’t Know in Center


Whenever a statement of fact of any kind comes into your head, repeat the mantra, “Don’t know.” Indeed you may know, but when you know and say “Don’t know” you aren’t lying. There is always more.  Like watching paint dry, in fact the paint is changing.  It does have a “what next”, and everything has a “what next.” “Don’t know” leaves you open to “what next.” Saying “I know” is saying, “Well, this is what I think it is, and it won’t change.” It is basically a lie.

How do you build when you’re in a constant state of  “don’t know”? When an artist is asked what they will paint, the answer is a very honest “don’t know”, but they do see. If you don’t know, anything is possible to create.

Sometimes I feel so many new things and new insights that it’s difficult to keep up and center each time, and the “don’t know” replaces what’s there. Then that is very good to hear. When you have had so many insights you have to say you don’t know, it means they have permeated deeply into your mind. Often you will find they surface later when you aren’t thinking.

You don’t really have to center each time. An insight is actually a recognition of an aspect of one’s center to my way of thinking. If I center every time I try to walk I won’t go anywhere, and you can go places in your mind. What lets you move is to keep the sense of center in motion. Wei wu wei, doing non doing. It’s ok to walk. Wei wu wei is knowing that it’s ok to do, but you can only know that from the point of being.  I am and I do, and it’s ok. The Taoist sage is a seer. However, if you exist because you “do” then you are always threatened.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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