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A day consists of not only new tasks, but of new thoughts and perceptions.

Give what you Value in Center


My own “mentality” is considered defective, but other people give what they don’t care about more often than what they do. For example, those who give money because they can, and it doesn’t really matter to them, are often pulled off center by it. They start wondering at the meaninglessness of things. It doesn’t benefit them, and they instead think “well, it’s my money”, and get pulled into a cycle of guilt and resentment. If they gave what they actually valued then they would be losing nothing.

Feel life is unfair? Why not support a human rights group? It would be very centered for you. Feel strongly about social inequity, but instead invest in the next .com company and how will you feel? Feel strongly about art but aren’t an artist? Then why not support a local museum or even go art shopping? What moves you moves you, distraction off of that is off center for you.

If you go to a lounge to hear a musician because you love music and this musician moves you, tip him. Who says it’s frivolous, doesn’t he have to eat? Don’t like TV? Don’t bother with it. It is very simple. Missing someone? Smile at the next contact.

You don’t have to do what you can’t, and this is where the ‘have to’ makes people crazy. Feeling they have to do what they can’t, prevents them from doing what they can. Dwell on the missing, and more goes missing. Dwell on center, and you will find you don’t miss much.

Seem easy to hear but not to act? Ideas are changed not by force of will, but by other ideas. If my words have moved you, then next time your conditioning comes up they will recur to you again. If you fight it, you will stress yourself and keep yourself at a loss for what to do. If you knew everything perfectly, your brain would no longer need to work. You could be put in a hall of brains and everyone could admire the perfect brain.

How do you balance this with emotions? You balance emotions by letting them be. They aren’t something you have to fix, but they are real and you are aware of them.

A good way to center is simply to ask yourself; “Am I aware?” Do you need to know what to do? Then ask; “Where am I”? You will find when you get stressed you forget that you are at home, and that it’s ok to be home.  That you are on the internet, and that is also ok.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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