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The wise have one foot in insanity, and the sane have one foot in the grave.

Keep Looking in Center


When you loose your intention, just act and be? Yes, yet true intention is poorly understood. In fact, you can’t loose true intention. What are you paying attention to? That’s your intention. You probably worry about what you should be paying attention to, and likely don’t pay full attention to anything.  Is that fair to say?

You can center even watching TV if you actually watch it, though I find when I actually watch TV I get sort of irritated. It‘s like listening to a donkey bray.  I find really paying attention to a book is much less annoying. It is structured more like my natural thought then the emotion driven half thought, and it’s more engrossing.  But you can use attention to guide living a centered life. Whatever you’re doing just really do it, don’t do thoughts about it. Video media by itself isn’t bad, nor is audio media. If you are doing it on purpose or if you will on center, then it’s all good. The Second Life virtual world is both audio and video, and we have used it to have a talk about centering.

A more simple life. Life is so simple people lose sight of it, and the secret of life is to keep looking. Keep looking and you will be moved to act.  Then when you act, pay attention to what you’re doing.

So not knowing something, and accepting it, and thinking may be an action and can be centered? Yes.  Knowing you don’t know is very centered. One of the big things that puts people off center is the idea that they have to know, to know what to do, to know what comes next. The idea that you’re supposed to know keeps people off center. It seems to keep people forever uncertain.

Children don’t think like adults. Someone brought this up and was refuted, but I venture the person didn’t really think about it. Children don’t think as much as we do, but they know a lot more. A child when shown a new and strange object will sit with it. They will hold it and look it over. They won’t think they know what it is, but in being with the object they will wind up knowing what it is. Even if what they know is that it’s a strange object that reminds them of a hat, they still know that. The unknown thing doesn’t upset them. They will wear it proudly until an adult who doesn’t recognise it shatters their dreams, and they do that by insisting that the child think like them. My son is autistic and they used that as an excuse to decide he needed to be in a foster home instead of my care. But the boy has always thought how he thought, and I never inspired fear in him over it. I had him through his formative years and beyond so even now he surprises people. He will do something they think is unusual bright, but he was never anything but. All child rearing requires patience, and if not with your own offspring then who? I determined that I would do that for him, because it was never done for me.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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