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Subjectivity and objectivity form two facets of a body of experience provided by a web of energy potential and actualized. That has characteristics independent of the individual observer.

Dukkha in Horror Movies in Dukkha


I’m learning to enjoy change. After you learn to enjoy change, you can learn to direct it. Have you ever seen the Hellraiser movies?

The guy with the nails in his head? Yes. They are called cenobites. They are the disciples of the demon Leviathan. There is a truth reflected in the movie, if only shallowly. All beings obey their dharma. They all do their duty. Leviathan lures souls into its influence with a promise, the experience of the ultimate pleasure. It always keeps the promise. Do you know what the ultimate pleasure is?

Pain? No. A moment of rest from the ultimate torture. The cenobites serve Leviathan willingly, because after their experience they’re transformed. They understand reality and everything in it differently, but they do fall short by a little bit. In one scene, the head of the cenobites comes face to face with a suffering Leviathan doesn’t offer.

They can use that pleasure as a torture in itself. Did they not use to starve prisoners and then make them over eat? That’s actually how they spare them this one missing torture, keep them from this one ultimate pain. Know what that was? Confrontation with one’s own soul.

In one of the movies, Pinhead is confronted with his former life, and actually the core of the truth he originally sought. The ultimate search for meaning that mislead him. In that moment, he briefly returns to his mortal state, and even spares the person that was to be their victim as he has command of all the other cenobites. Interesting?

One of the few horror movie characters that actually have interesting back stories. The best horror writers horrify you with the everyday. They horrify you with human nature and life itself. The monsters are just there to make the truth stand out. The Hellraiser stories include that.

You can have your Jason and Freddy Krueger. They aren’t scary. Freddy Krueger is comedic. He’s the court jester in the face of the real monsters.

I never understood Jason. What is he, a zombie? In the real world sense yes. He’s the avatar of the ultimate victim. He was a disabled child, an innocent, and as unfortunate as he was, his suffering was compounded by his mother’s doting on him and the contempt shown by regular children, his peers. In their mockery, one thing leads to another and he drowns. Those responsible cover up their part in his death, and in time he returns so he is actually the embodiment of normal peoples “sins.” He is uncaring because humanity is. He’s relentless because human ignorance also is, and he’s sadistic because human judgement is. He is the undead embodiment of the social cancer eating away at basically everyone’s heart.

He’s Cheney. Yes. He’s a lot of people, and nobody as well. That is why he wears the hockey mask.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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