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Death is the great equalizer, and all change is heat death, a.k.a. entropy.

Embody Connection in Mystic Avatars

One more aspect of the avatar phenomenon, the Archmagus, or whatever other term is used by the tradition in question. An Archmagus is someone who has collected and embodied all their spiritual metaphysical connections. Meaning all that influences them transforms their nature. They come to be living embodiments of the great force by whatever name you call it. One facet of this is the unio mentalis, the divine marriage of the anima and animus, the inner male and female natures, and it just extends from there.

Mix of light and dark? That too. The state of Archmagus only comes about after what they call the dark night of the soul. It doesn’t mean leaving the light, but does mean learning to navigate both sides of the great energy.

I would imagine people are wary of them? They are notoriously scary all throughout recorded history. Merlin would have been one and there are lineages of them across the entire world. I’m certain Hawaii has lineages and a better reckoning of them than we do. Those who move beyond kahuna. Though part of why this is hard to talk about it is illustrated by what is mentioned of the avatars in India. Those who are it aren’t moved to talk about it.

A lineage, and hierarchy if you will, of the various phases, states of being that mirror us anyway, and vice versa. We have names for them in Hawaii. We have protocol for observing. Certain kinds of invocation bring in their own objects of consideration.

About hierarchy, people get angry at that. But I think having a sense of who is where is more like recognizing that if we are all walking the same road, and I have taken three steps and you have taken one, that I am further down that road than you. Your thoughts?

Sure. There is displaced thinking about that word due to its history of it being used to abuse. Just as you illustrated, and in other ways too, protocol and hierarchy have their place in the scheme of things. They are essential ingredients of being. Just as a hunk of matter has its parts, it’s hierarchy if you will, so do we as being simply a composite of that matter. Electron shells in an atom. The electrons are centered on the nucleus, but not unimportant either.

As pieces of a greater whole. Yes, exactly. What makes an atom able to bond to other atoms is the electrons. More like the spiritual equivalent of atomic weight.

So when we say protocol and hierarchy, we are not talking about the rights of a particular class of people and I hope to lead people to “see“ what Kilioe was in the spiritual sense. Audiences tend to worship though, and forget how to listen.

A good leader knows that she has taken the reigns of service. Real leaders serve the people, and even more so they serve the greater way of things. Leader is sort of literal. It could also be considered a scout. Figure out where people are going, and get ahead of them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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