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Normal comprehension is normative thought. It’s a virtual reality at best.

Embrace Your Truth in Relating


Has everyone seen the movie “The Matrix“? Just one part relates to the subject of relating. The thing the young boy tells Neo about bending the spoon with his mind. That there is no spoon.

The characters in your world window are only virtually true. There is no spoon. There is no job. There is no obligation. There is no truth. There is only you. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. And if anything is to change, it is only you who will bend.

I don’t say that nothing is true for nihilistic reasons. It’s a more fundamental principle than that, not baseless empty arrogant posturing. Truth is known by the human mind by the merit it may seem to have in reconciling with our perception. To the degree that things reconcile to our perception, they are seen as being true.

Everything is permitted. This is the actual truth that we overlay our truth onto. Everything is permitted, but we make choices. Every story can be told, but we do choose one over another.

You don’t have to avoid your personal truth. It wouldn’t serve any purpose to try to embrace an absolute truth. Your organic brain would cease to function. You don’t even need to try to embrace the world’s truth or even a nation’s truth. Embrace your truth and the truth of those you experience. Do that and your perception will align everything else up exactly as it should.

If you are a good enough storyteller, you can make the world embrace your truth. Yes, indeed. I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony… as the old song goes.

Unfortunately, most of them are tone deaf. So far, but they can feel the beat.

It would suck if your truth was given bad reviews by critics. Does that mean it was not your truth? Actually, it means you may not have completed your truth. You may not have fully embraced your being.

In the age of the internet, critics have much less power. Enough voices make one huge roar, but that roar is a voice. Relating is making that roar sit up and listen.

There is a dawning horror. The roar I spoke of has an echo. It gives a sense of empty space around humanity, but the echo isn’t absolute. There is some distortion. A dissonant response to humanities roar. The response is getting louder. It can come to drown out humanity if humanity refuses to listen to each other.

There are more realities than this, and those who number among the insane do perceive them sometimes, though only through their own distorted lens. They see nothing clearly, and in the case of this other reality, it may be a blessing that they don’t see it. People will be able to understand in time.

It is born of humanity or comes from somewhere else? The second sound comes from somewhere else. Our consciousness bubble doesn’t exist in a void and lemmings make great food.

Our neighbors are banging on the wall for us to turn the music down. It will be a blessing if it’s just angry neighbors. Those exist also.

Maybe we put a sign on the door saying we moved next door? They look in the windows. It’s humans who distort the windows, not them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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