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There is stillness in the world and there is stillness in the mind. They echo each other. The observer and the observed.

No Story, No Relating in Relating


There seem to be more serial killers around now than ever before. On serial killers, they have been making amazing strides in understanding how the human mind works. We all have some ability to see people and living things as an “it”.

All predators are born psychopaths? No. Predators are natural. Humans are worse. All thinkers are born psychopaths. It’s only when they discover that they are more than thinkers that they overcome that.

I think more humans should be selfish instead of more selfless. What horror was ever started by someone saying think of yourself? Hitler started his reign by telling people to think of the mother land.

Do it for your country son, we’re proud of you. It is psycho.

We can all depersonalize other species and even other people. This can serve a useful and even positive purpose in controlled situations, because much of what we do to serve our own kind, like say the practice of medicine, requires we overlook our instinct. You want your surgeon to think of you as something to operate on.

If your surgeon really thinks too much about you as a person, then every instinct tells them “do not cut” even though it could save your life. But serial killers take it too far. They also call them sociopaths. They see everyone as an “it” and when it is broken you get rid of it. You can break it because there will always be another one. Serial killers generalize that ability to make people “its”.

The inability to empathize with another being? Actually, the willing ignorance of empathy.

Do they lack this ability to co-create the story, and they only narrate? They have refused to. They have decided that their narrative is fine often because it is sanctioned by God. So they are free to edit anyone else at will.

No story, no relating. Exactly. There is no story of the kill. They just did it.

Regarding lacking empathy, there are some genetic differences that science has said leave one unable to experience adequate empathy, and yet there is very little incidence of real violence by these people, mostly just confusion. They can’t find the motivation to act in such a dramatic fashion as a serial killer does, because a crime of passion would be hard if even possible to understand.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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