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I feel in truth is liberation, freedom, and there is a whole tapestry of truth.

Choose Everybody in Relating


Politicians just pass laws to steal from the poor and give to themselves. Actually, the politicians have great empathy, just no sympathy. No genuine narrative. They see themselves as above the people at large.

That’s why the law should get out of the marriage business. Some things are not for a genuine democratic government to meddle in. Otherwise, they should just be honest and call it a theocracy.

Parting thought on relating. When you have a chosen few you have a rejected remainder. I don’t myself like this model. It doesn’t seem logical let alone functional so I simply choose everybody. Everybody I meet is real. The whole world is alive. Everything means something, and I will hear much in the span of my life.

I like a concept. Ataraxia. A state of tranquility free from anxiety and emotional disturbance. If people rejected worry, they would function at their full potential with their greatest wisdom. But this is only possible when we reject propriety which doesn’t mean embracing apathy.

I bet they wouldn’t have amusement parks. You need a little anxiety to make a roller coaster more fun. Actually, you need a little instinct. Anxiety and instinctive thrill are not the same thing. Fear and anxiety are not the same thing. Angst is more akin to apathy than it is to fear. I would rather someone close to me be afraid than anxious. Fear we could deal with. Fear would be clear and once dealt with could be put aside like getting off the roller coaster. If you can’t get off the roller coaster, no matter how much fun it was to start, it will stop being fun.

I hope you found some value here, and be well, relate well. Namaste. That term is a good model of relating.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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