There is the capacity to focus awareness, which is focusing energy, which is shaping creation.

Surface Landscape in Pathworking


Pathworking is a wide spread but very esoteric practice. Pathworking goes by many names, but the principle is universally the same even if the practices differ.

You may know more about them from your own studies or practice. Native American vision working is pathworking. Some contemplative meditation techniques are pathworking, and well… You can tap into the process without any ritual or formal practice at all.

Dream walking? Yes. That can be pathworking.

The meaning behind pathworking comes from a simple observation. When people are in altered states of consciousness, especially in deep trance, they tend not to see just random things but consistent things. Like entering a world that has persistent characteristics unlike our waking imagination would seem to be.

Is it like recurrent dreaming? That is part of it, yes, and many modern commercial techniques aren’t aimed at influencing you personally so much as they are aimed at altering that landscape. You may never purchase Captain Crunch, but that character exists for all of us now and can influence anyone’s behavior. Mostly, pathwork doesn’t stop at that level though.

This reminds me of that young man that did a trip around the world and everyone knew Coca Cola. Even in the most remote African villages, they know the Coke sign. Even if they can’t afford to drink it. That is part of the geography of the world that pathworking interacts with, and even that level of it has native life forms, just not typically noticed for what they are. At the surface level, this realm of existence is sort of like a scummy pond and at the level of current consciousness there are a lot of bugs. Sometimes other things, but not often.

Can you give an example? Well, the memetic atmosphere. It is a lot of energy. Rich with energy called thought forms for simple life forms to feed on. Our minds spawn mind like energy entities.

We’re swatting at it, but not seeing it clearly? Yes. It creates a sort of constant stink. Sometimes the stink is sort of intoxicating. That feeling you get when it just seems your community is awake and excited about something. Other times it’s just an energy draining miasma, but both get in the way of pathworking.

If it mirrors what we see in our world, it must be a horrible zoo of advertisements? It’s a jungle of random thoughts. Human neurosis, and really shifting. Most people never go much deeper than this surface. Sometimes they bob a little bit beneath the surface when they dream, but often even dreams are full of the same stuff. This pond runs very deep though. It’s a proverbial rabbit hole.

And if we don’t dream? When you don’t dream, do you not wake with a sort of feeling in your head like you were listening to TV static all night?

I hear voices as I fall asleep. Well, fortunate. You can step sideways, but few do that either. There are other ways of being awake. It is possible to just trade one for another.

I seem to go back to where I left off in the morning when I lay down at night. The persistence factor again.

As I try to focus in on one conversation, it diminishes and gets jumbled in with the others. Ah, that is what I call the chorus. It’s part of the pond surface to use the metaphor. The voice of the mind echoes and spreads all throughout the world. Usually, people just tune it out, but it can be heard, if you can call it hearing. Generally, it’s not very useful. I myself find it annoying to be trying to relax and hear a stream of fast food orders.

Or to hear things just beyond your understanding. Yes. Sometimes it doesn’t pass the perceptual threshold.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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