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Life is too short for doubt. Whatever you doubt you either really want to do it, or you don’t. So do or don’t, and move on I say.

Realm of Wisdom in Pathworking


I won’t go into the whole map for pathworking. We are following what they call in Kabbalah the middle pillar. The super highway of that realm. It has width as well as depth.

At the next level past the realm of intuition, we reach the hall of wisdom. It’s a realm of memory, also called the akashic record. You get there when you move past insight to understanding.

The memory of everything? Yes, and it takes many forms. Some see it as a library. Some as a very deep networking cave. Some as a vast open field of flowers. These are all true.

Like a castle with long stairs going down to a room? Yes, and the room opening to walls you can’t see or otherwise has some sense of depth and history. The challenge of this level is confronting our own history, feeling the weight of our history on our shoulders. You can feel a bit judged in this vast place like everything and every being there understands you better than you do.

With a person standing there and a book on a pedestal? Yes. That is the Book of Life.

The reason people get stuck in this place of history is they have trouble grasping their full life. In the realm of wisdom, you are confronted with the entirety of life. Your mental life, your spiritual life, your physical life, and your past lives. All of this can surface for you here, and people can get to feeling like they have to figure it all out.

That would be ugly sometimes. Yes. For some, the realm of wisdom is a twisted carnival like place.

But you don’t need to figure these things out. You have to give them permission. When you can give these things permission, you will receive a key from the keeper of the great book. It may or may not look like a key, and the insight this key gives you will let you move on. The key is the manifestation of the permission you gave your history. When you gave permission, you received permission.

Because you are giving the permission to yourself? Yes, and you can fall backward, but it won’t be because any being is judging you. In fact, if you fall backward enough, you can go below normal existence into the abyss. But I won’t talk about the abyss tonight necessarily.

You will be judging yourself in effect. Yes. I could be a harsh judge. Indeed, this is possible here.

This is like progressing in the tree of life. It is, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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