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The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Community and the Ancients in Pathworking


Beyond the place of wisdom is the place of communion, the community. It’s seen as a vast city or a verdant tribal hunting ground. A camp where one can speak with the elders. This is the realm of the persistent spirit, not of souls, but of the creative work. That’s not the last place.

It all sounds like any video game or epic move plot, making a journey to a communal place. Does it make it sound unreal? Perhaps it’s where we get the ideas from? Not at all, it’s just how I relate to it. It seems to me like steps you take as you are ready to accept them. Like the Wizard of Oz. You are correct. We tell the stories we tell for a reason. We live them on some level.

I guess that’s why we love those things so much, we can pick up inspiration, the moral of the story. And can at the communal point. The communal point of the realm of the heart is a vast feeling of peace. Some mistake it for the final place, a heaven, and it is the place of creation like an artist’s commune. It’s the source of inspiration, that wisdom that runs deeper than philosophy.

People who have a near death experience, and return to our level, often retain a gate to this level of communion. This is why they often manifest such radical personality changes. But sometimes instead of this, they in their fear fall into the abyss. So not every person who passes temporarily comes back seeming more enlightened, and sometimes they are sheltered from either as they are ready for neither.

Beyond the realm of the spirit, what seems like it’s deep in a woods or beyond a body of water while you are there, is a place that most beings won’t speak of on the lower levels. People often see it as very mysterious. They think God might be there. In a way they are right, because God, however you understand God, is everywhere. But there is the place of no wind. Nirvana. People often cannot reach there, because they can’t overcome their sense of awe. They feel overwhelmed. It goes by other names as well. Valhalla. Arcadia. Elysium. The name isn’t really relevant.

There are those who understand the spirits very well. They come to embrace all beings in a way that few do in any single life time. These are the ancients. The ascended masters, and they meet in this place to discuss matters of evolution or cosmic spiritual progress.

Sounding too strange to accept yet?

I think many would judge themselves as unworthy to make contact with such ancients, wondering why would they ever let me near them. They routinely do, yes. The ancients don’t though. They like visitors. They are very welcoming beings. Coyote often meets someone on the way to the ancients. The trickster tests some who seek this point, and if they aren’t ready they just get lost, but they are always free to try again.

The roadrunner is an ancient? The roadrunner is, as is eagle. Again, many names and among the ancients many forms.

Any animal we personify as an older human? Yes, and many we don’t as well. Some we don’t even like, like spider, and snake, still ancients. These aren’t normal world animals. They are the intelligence that guide the animals. There are even elemental beings. The great earth is a hugely intimidating being.

The God of the spiders has a hand in guiding our evolution? Grandmother Spider does. They cooperate. They are very enlightened beings.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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