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First Home in Pathworking


There is a place beyond even the ancients. The place of first creation, first home, deep home. It has a few names, but it is often mentioned in every creation myth, and it’s empty. It is also called the throne of God, the light over the waters, the primal egg, but yes, it is empty.

The egg already hatched? Good question. Egg is still hatching. It is always forever hatching. People don’t go to this empty place because it is literally full of everything. Infinity. It is empty because it is all things. The throne is empty because sitting on it is every person.

But does it appear as a void when you’re there? It does at first. The shroud serves a purpose. It’s a mercy really.

That seems very overwhelming, to see just a simple egg and it contains everything. I don’t find it so comforting. You wouldn’t, except it sings and from time to time the ancients sing with it.

To reach the speed of light you would have the mass of the entire universe. Exactly. It’s really quite beautiful.

The shroud has three faces. The three shrouds are the deconstruction of our reality. They are sort of like the sound barrier and the light barrier. When you see past the shrouds then hyper reality becomes your entire reality. You see all realities as chaos and then you start over. Seeing God, if you accept the term, makes you implode. Each time your consciousness collapses you take on a new role.

Like a personal big bang, you enter effectively a new creation? Yes.

I will relate one of my own. I was a part of a hive species, a creature perhaps something between a reptile and an insect, if this worlds terms applied. We were having a bit of a power struggle. Our territory included a nexus of what you would call worm holes.

Was this a dream? I guess you could call it that.

We were at war with ape like things. I have seen images like them in human history, and well, one thing lead to another and I had an encounter with a device, a sphere. Fascinating little device equipped with mechanisms that allow it to make an immeasurable string of observations. These observations or computations, if you will, reach such a critical mass that they collapse anyone in the immediate vicinity. You cease being a probable event, but the consequence of its action is that entire potential gets sling shot into another domain.

So it erases you? From its dimension, yes.

But you end up somewhere else? Yes, no telling where really. The weather between these places is really chaotic, but that is just one experience.

Ever see reality crack? You actually have in all likelihood. It shows up in your environment looking sort of strangely gray and grainy coupled with some degree of pounding in your head. Things seem just a bit too intense for a brief moment like someone turned a light on that nobody is meant to see.

I thought I was just getting old and losing my eyesight. People who are getting older tend to have their own bubble crack, but sometimes it happens on an environmental level.

I think that happened on 9/11 for me and for the whole world. Yes. Key events cause shock fissures. There will be a rash of them very soon, but all that simultaneous psychic distress warps things. Our space is just a soap bubble, not at all solid.

When you collapse and start over again, are you reborn physically, or just mentally? Either is possible. It depends on the balance of things when the collapse happens. It could be called the Lazarus effect.

As a baby? Some babies undergo collapse only to survive and be born. Humanity is rough. It’s a difficult state of being.

Lazarus effect? You live longer? You create a double track, so yes, it would seem that you live longer.

Could what people call a “walk in” be that? The person has been reborn mentally? It can be, but sometimes it’s just recycling. Bodies don’t have the significance people think they do.

Sideways in time to a parallel track? Exactly. Of course, the reverb is stressful if one of the tracks didn’t resolve.

On pathworking, you can find any method that suits you. Native American. Kabbalah. Meditation. Just don’t be afraid to take the blue pill, go deeper.

Your thoughts are welcome. Have a great night. Dream well.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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