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Start At Common Ground in Pathworking


The pathworking traditions each have a set of teachings. They all serve a similar purpose to help you connect with deeper things while you are in your normal daily state of mind. This is why they seem like a mix of cosmology and mythology. In Tibetan Buddhism, they have a huge collection of Buddha’s each with different attributes.

In Buddhism, meditation is perhaps one of their core practices, but here we add a little science. There have been many theories in psychology that have been proven to be utter bunk, but psychoanalysis has been proven to have some value. The reason being, despite the error of many mental models, it has been proven that the mind is structured and forms identifiable patterns even if they are strange and complex. There is actually no such thing as mental randomness.

Everyone familiar with word association?

Cow. Chicken. Yes. That’s how it works, but someone else might not have responded chicken.

I love that game. It is a game, but it is more than a game. Just as pathworking is a game, but more than a game, and that’s why people often give up on it. They get lost in their imaginations. It may seem strange, but though our responses to the word “cow” differ, they all mean something, and if you go further, they paint a picture of your world view, the world inside your mind.

We all know what a cow is. Yes. You have to start at cow. You have to start at the common ground. That’s how pathworking starts, but the world inside your mind is not strictly inside your mind. It’s just mirrored there. It would be like telling an accident victim that their lost limb is just inside their mind. That’s true, but they are getting the input about the lost limb from somewhere else. We get information about the unseen world from somewhere else also.

So you start with some symbolism usually reflecting something you seek to follow or understand, a Buddha figure, or a god, or an animal totem. This serves as the opening concept, but you don’t direct where you mind goes with that necessarily.

In some traditions, they do teach the student prayers and incantations to keep them on the path and not get lost in random and scary experiences. These serve to focus one’s mind and thus inner eye on the actual stream of energy and thought that leads where they want to go. But as you move from the starting point in your mind, you move to places that have natural links to the first idea, the first thing you held in mind. These links are the paths. Sometimes the passage along the link is very vivid. Full of images and feelings sort of like you might see birds outside as you go for a walk. Sometimes the transition happens so quickly you don’t really notice anything between. But what you experience at the next place in your mind or spirit depends on where you started, and very often includes elements that you weren’t aware of being with you when you started.

Dorothy always had the power to go home, but she needed the journey to believe it. Yes. So does the pathworker, and yet it’s also true that they can’t go home again. Because once you experience a thing, you can’t undo that. So pathworking creates some very real changes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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