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Death. We part, but we do not part. The energy of our bonds endures.

In The Land Of Monsters in Pathworking


In pathworking, between the first two points it often still seems like you are just making things up. Go from shallow imagination to deeper more immersive imagination and many people stop there. They have their little head trip and don’t go any further, but why do that? Still curious friends?

It’s safer that way? Yes, because you will intuit that the energy is going to get stronger, the forces more real.

Beyond that, well, like the old maps, here there be monsters. Yes, and in the land of monsters is also magick, and the gods, and the source of life and wisdom.

I feel afraid if I think too deeply about my own sense of self awareness, like I will fall off the cliff only after looking down. If I don’t look down, I’ll be ok. You are already falling. You are just clinging to a stone and imagining it to be solid ground. Pathworking thwarts a lot of that. The things we imagine are real because it makes us feel comfortable to believe they are.

Well, it’s not the fall that kills you. Yes. It’s not the fall but the fear. But in the case of this fall, you can fly.

At the second stage, you encounter the keeper of the gate. They often are lingering just at that blurry point in your imagination but give you a vague feeling of being watched. They are perfectly happy to let you play by yourself if you choose. Anyone experience this?

I’m not sure. A cabin that I couldn’t/wouldn’t enter? Ah yes, that is a gate keeper. But when you enter that state with a clear and strong intention, the gate keeper stops being so blurry.

What kind of intention can you have? Simply to pass through the gate? You want to go inside, deeper into reality. You want to truly understand.

I’ve seen eyes looking at me all the time, sleeping, awake. Have you sought passage?

I keep looking for the person the eyes belong to. The eyes are your own. The gate keeper in Buddhism is seen as a mirror, and this barrier is why people almost automatically reincarnate according to their Book of the Dead.

Mine? Yes. When you see the gate keeper it is yourself. You don’t have one self, you have many, because you are real in all worlds. You have truths on all levels. You can take your time, because there isn’t any time there.

I find myself talking to the one I feel is watching me. I even argue and rant to it. I talk a lot to myself actually. You are also listening to yourself, and it’s likely that your other self doesn’t agree with this self. This is why the gatekeeper can seem hostile. It’s not any more hostile than you are to yourself. So if you are not, it is not.

If I don’t care, it won’t care? Yes. It mirrors you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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