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Collaborative Effort in Relating


The narrative is a collaborative effort. If I tell you about a fish I saw, but you look confused about what the word fish means, I have to accept your confused state and work with you until we can come to a reasonable shared image of what a fish is. Do people do this in general life?

I see this with my students when I explain how to do something rather than show them, and they come up with something other than what I intended. You have to accept what they offer you in response to what you offered them. Because then you modify what they offered you until it resembles something in both of your imaginations that you can agree relates to the issue at hand. This is necessary for real communication. Otherwise, you are doing what I call droning. You are mechanizing your mind rather than actually living in your mind. Living the life of the mind.

It can be a marvelous way to broaden your own thinking, if you’re open to that and don’t need something specific. I’m always delighted by what they come up with even when it doesn’t work. We all start off with things that don’t work. It all evolves into things that do work.

This is why they say, “If you need something done right, do it yourself.” You have to if you’re not open to this process. Yes. But anything of lasting value will be communicated to the world at large or it will not endure.

Or hire the best people you can find and then leave them alone to work. Even the most skilled people need a capstone. Someone who can communicate between them so their efforts can work synergistically. Henry Ford was one example.

Rather than hiring cheaper and trying to micro-manage them. That never works. Yes. Micro managing never works. Narrative is macro managing.

There are things we can all relate to. Structures of experience that are innate. Genetic. The strength of a memetic influence is proportionate to the degree of resonance it can achieve with these primal images. Jung called them archetypes and they form the basis of our every myth and legend, of every fairy tale, including all the modern ones. Doctor House? Cranky old hermit sage/shaman. The list is endless.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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