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What loneliness stems from is an error in the development of a sense of identity.

One Epic Story in Relating


Epic is such a buzz word these days. People will even say the latest epic movie is cheesy, corny and shallow, and yet everyone will go see it anyway. Old cheesy movies are so popular. Indeed, and there is a reason. We don’t live myriad separate lives. There aren’t separate threads of life that have any substance by themselves. We all are living one epic story of love and loss, conflict and resolution, confusion and sudden enlightenment, even epic journeys into the unknown.

I think we like the escape of the epic tales. Do we over act our epics or do we do it just right? We don’t act them out well enough, because the world is a stage, relating a staging ground, and we get too much noise. Too many editors spoil the script. Our world right now has grown to be dominated with hack actors. Leaders are a dime a dozen.

We heckle ourselves and throw rotten tomatoes. We do heckle ourselves, and a more useless behavior is beyond my imagination. We do throw rotten tomatoes also. We keep them around because they are supposedly experienced tomatoes. Lots of value is placed on being experienced these days. Experience with cow dung doesn’t make it smell any better. Nor does it give you any new uses for it.

Yet everyone needs to talk to an “expert”. I offer that, in fact, you need to talk to an inpert. Someone who is impertinent doesn’t focus on the holy cows and ignore the dung.

The heretic? Exactly. The lunatic fringe they are also called. It takes a lunatic to paint with dung. Sometimes the person who is very busy doing no useful thing is the greatest resource for useful things you can find, because they disrupt your sense of mechanism. They broaden your sense of agency. They tend to be story tellers. Even those who are actually mentally ill. Salvador Dali. Picasso. Einstein. They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity. What do you think, friends?

How can you tell which one you are? That line is crossed when the decision to reject narrative is made. When you come to the conclusion your insights are so profound that you need not mesh them with the greater life relating the world song.

I reject your reality and substitute my own? That is an amusing assertion, but the basis for insanity. Jung said that insanity is a sane response to an insane situation. This is true, but there is more to it.

Do we have to stop relating to get away from the consensus mind? That is indeed why.

Everyone familiar with hypnosis? They used to believe it was a state something like sleep. This has been disproven. It’s actually a state of intense concentration that locks the mind into an automatic state thus making it highly susceptible to suggestion. The most common command being simply to listen. When they lock fully into listening then they also obey. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between hearing and obeying.

Is it a myth that it can be done to you without your knowledge, like through the radio or a TV? It’s a half truth. It can’t control you like a puppet, but it can stack the deck in your automatic behavior.

Advertisements are doing it to a degree. This is why they repeat the same one for so long. They don’t care if you like it. They just want to make certain you are repeatedly exposed.

I must ask my doctor if prevacid is right for me… It’s true. He even has the phrase down though he made no effort to get it down. You make no effort to make your world the way it is, but all your energy is going into it anyway.

I think they make them as annoying as possible so you do remember them. You are correct. Annoyance makes things stick in your head.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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