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God is very real in our hearts and minds, and in our actions in the world, and regrettably god is insane.

Empty Success in Failure


There are those who jumped every hurdle, play the game perfectly, and none of it was ever them. They learn the game really well, but because they weren’t coming from that place inside of them they succeeded to fail. It was success, but not their success. They started off on some one else’s foot, so though they seem to have been a success, they actually failed.

They are just as unhappy if not more so than the person who is still very much frustrated, but trying from the place of their personal way. They are not themselves, and are successful from doing what everyone else said was success, but they in fact failed and it sends them reeling. The person at emptiness likely visited all the other stages of failure, and just ignored them.

The path of success isn’t in the world, it’s in you. Being mindful of your feelings, and who you are and expressing that. Taking your journey is success. Whether you are a brain surgeon or a burger flipper. If it’s a path with heart, a path that you are fully on, present in, then your life is successful. Does this seem fair to say?

Climbing someone else’s ladder? Yes, to get to someone else’s roof. Then the OMG moment makes them fall, and hard.

Like being competitive? Yes. The competitive ideal as most see it is a recipe for failure. Your only competition is with yourself. More specifically you need to deal with the urge of self expression. Why do we worry so much about being the best? Good enough may be more than good enough, and wanting to excel should come from inside, because you know you can grow there and want to.

We can gain creative fulfillment thru volunteer work or hobbies too?  Hobbies and volunteer work are part of success as much as vocation if not more.

The emotions of failure (f=frustration, a=aggression, i=insecurity, l=loneliness, u= uncertainty, r=resentment, e=emptiness) form a cycle, and it doesn’t necessarily go in order, but they all keep you from wholeness, happiness, and success for you. I have seen grounds keepers, sewer workers, grave diggers, jobs people think are dirty or ugly, undesirable, and the person was happy. They had succeeded. It was enough for them, and all their life was empowered there by. I have met very friendly and cheerful morticians. I have met cops who were more about peoples freedoms than their own authority. These people I name all have their counterparts, who though maybe have just as stable a career, they have actually failed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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