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Truth is transcendent and we each have our own truths.

Everything Has Practices in Dark Practice

Dark Practice

The subject of ‘Practices’ sort of arises from recent difficulties I have been having with events. I seem to have lost my stride as they say, lost some inspiration.

You imply you have goals, is this so? I have pictures, experiences that at one time I was asked to share. As far as an agenda that involves other people, no, not really.

So today’s topic is practice. I will ask the question, what do you practice and why?

Writing. If I don’t practice then I’m kind of silenced. You can get tripped up and have it be much harder to get started back up again.

I send a wish to people I see on the way to work, that they have love and joy in their lives.

The main thing I practice right now is connecting with friends. That’s an excellent practice, one that people should make a daily part of their lives.

I used to meditate regularly, but have fallen out of practice, so to speak. But there is an Xbox game “Deepak Chopra’s Leela” on meditation and the chakras. Maybe that will give another venue. It is interesting and gives an experiential anchor for many meditative concepts.

Dis-ease could be deviation from practice? Actually, good point.

I am a practitioner, but that is not always turned on. In African tradition, they speak of their spiritual guides, their houngans and mambos. They are said to serve their people with one hand, and the spirits with the other. They have another type of le serveteur (as they are sometimes called) that are said to serve the spirits with both hands.

What’s the difference between “people” and “spirits”? The difference between people and spirits is they occupy different points on a spectrum of existence.

For my own practice, well, it has to incorporate my peculiarities, and for myself I register everything, living or non-living, in exactly the same way. This is why some people like me take so long to pick up language.

Does everything have consciousness? Rocks, crystals, plants, animals, humanity, fog, poo etc.? In my experience, yes, or on the flip side lacks it. In my more discouraged moments, I am sometimes inclined to accept the idea that everything lacks consciousness. But people with my type of consciousness are very good with systems, so I base the reasoning behind my practice on my natural gifts.

Consciousness as you might mean is not necessarily bodily, corporeal? Oh, I don’t mean only matter. I accept that I have consciousness, so by necessity everything must have consciousness, and in my experience everything has practices. It is the practice of fire to consume matter and dance.

I also believe that things can change their practices. Fire can become more vicious or more gentle. Earth can become more restless. I believe that reality continues to exist by virtue of its practices, and that we all ultimately revert to the practices of our innermost nature or spirit.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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