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Time has been very expansive, and consciousness came well before humanity.

Everything Whisperer in Ancient Egypt


There is a current neuroscience specialist who feels we are moving toward a psycho-social homoeostasis. He feels all human cognitive function, specifically all brain function, evolved as a life regulation mechanism, and thus as we have evolved past the age of humans in small family groupings like other simians live in even today. By extension, we are evolving a sense of maintaining interpersonal health regulation systems.

In Heka, they believed that their culture had to hold to its traditions, as the introduction of foreign policies and practices would disturb Maat. Perhaps an early model of what they feel they are just now discovering? To me, it seems our leading edge scientists are doing a lot of reinventing the wheel, though unearthing the physical basis for these things will likely have benefits as well.

Some quick catch up… Heka is Egyptian magic. Egyptians had no word for religion. Though Egypt is now Islamic, their culture still influences even those views. Ka is the broad domain of being or soul, and Heka practices are activating or reawakening the soul. The motivations and goals behind Heka are all understandable on a scale between order and chaos, Maat or Isfet.

There have been many traditions of Heka through Egyptian history and what we might consider prehistory. Heka practice is primarily pragmatic. The whole world is viewed in the terms of Maat, which could be compared to the world view of empirical science if modern science had a less restrictive view of things, and ritual and prescribed remedies for circumstances and conditions were derived from observation of the balance of things in the world around you.

There could be terrific application of these ideas in treatment of psychiatric “disorders.” Thinking specifically of schizophrenia and “borderline” personalities, but also think that the secrets to the “cure” might best be revealed by those with the “disease.” I fully agree. Some people I have met in person are somewhat amazed by how well I seem to handle the “insane.” But I can influence these people for the simple reason that I just see their world, see the world as they see it. I find how their statements and observations and behaviours make sense. It’s not very complicated, because their world was already there even before they “got sick.”

I had exactly the same experience with adults with profound mental retardation and psychiatric diagnoses as well. It should be used more often.

The core of empathy and compassion. Yes. Awakening ones Ka could be said to be a profound act of compassion as well as an ambitious power grab. The way to awaken the Ka was to walk the path of the gods, which were more like primordial parents than supernatural lords and masters. Basically the advice would be, walk a mile in the shoes of the cat to grow in your understanding of your own Ka.

I ponder cat-whisperer. Well, a practitioner of Heka is basically an everything whisperer.

Would a ritual be like the Native American shamans and their animal masks? Definitely would have things in common, but less ecstatic and more analytical. More like a priesthood in that sense than the Native American shamans were.

I ponder Cosmos-whisperer. They did make offerings to the gods, but those were just as much for the purposes of putting you in the shoes of that spiritual power as they were any effort to appease that god. You offered Anubis anise seed based incense to awaken that part of your Ka, as well as to contact and communicate with Anubis.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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