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From the stillness all things arise in their perfected forms. What causes things to degrade is an accumulated static. Noise kills.

Gods in Everything in Mayan


I did some research on how the Mayan books were constructed. The codexes or more generally? The codexes. They were accordion books, and they seem to have thought that the gods lived in the words and when you opened the books, the gods would come out. Ah, indeed they did. Gods were in everything. In fact, if they were having a problem with a thing, it was thought to be because the “owner” deity took exception to something about them or something they did. If the road flooded, it’s because the river god had issues with the people. But yes, that view of books gives new meaning to the idea of “inspiration” no? The Spanish were big on insisting they burn their books, but I do think some survived.

Thus burning their gods. Yes, and well, they didn’t and couldn’t change all of the Mayan practices. The village patron gods were replaced by patron saints, but the festivals honoring them remained largely the same.

I heard that the Mayans weren’t really conquered. They faded into the jungles and there are still descendants to this day. Yes, they aren’t extinct, unless you insist that intermarriage makes a people go extinct.

Have you heard anything about the ancient tribes in the United States basing their cities on astronomy? Like laying them out like a constellation and living in them until they reached the right magnitude. Well, constellation and calendar, more calendar though. Everything was about the calendar. Really that idea wasn’t completely foreign to other cultures either. The imperial city of China was seen as a replica of heaven. The Nazca lines are likely the remains of a similar concept long since passed. Is this what you are referencing?

I heard that some Hopi cities were planned to reflect the constellation Orion. Ah, that would make sense.

The belt being the 3 cities on the Hopi mesas. I think I recall that, and even more migratory people arranged their camps according to things like direction and the location of the sun and moon. The sun rising over the chiefs tent, things like that. Spiritual order mattered a great deal.

The pyramids in Egypt are supposed to line up to Orion’s belt, or so I’ve heard.

In fact, there is a possible link between Mongolian shamanic practices, Taoist ritual, and the Native American interest in astronomy as well. In Taoist ritual, they even refer to the steps of the ritual dance as walking the star path, so it seems likely.

There is supposed to be a connection between the Tibetans and Hopi. Yes, and the native religion of Tibet before Buddhism was akin to Bon.

I saw an interesting illustration in which a demoness was subdued so that Buddhism could take over. Yes, it’s part of their mythic history now.

There was a temple holding her down in certain places. Well, several temples. And there were geomantic considerations taken in situating things like the lamaseries, perhaps curbing a negative “spirit” in the chi flow.

Namaste, and Happy New World. Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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