'Mayan' Chapter


The purpose of the Mayan calendar was to keep the social and spiritual order. Their rituals served as a necessary duty, or “tax” if you will, in order to keep the powers that be able and willing to keep nature working in the way it should.

They used a variety of things to understand human destiny/human nature and the calendar was perhaps the biggest. But you also were seen to have multiple souls, each having a different destiny. They believed that any illness or misfortune you might experience arose because one of those souls had been lost or alienated, and they had rituals to restore that order.

“Mayan cosmology contains within it the explanation for our current global transformation, and possibilities for how we can survive it.” John Jenkins

Mayan Spiritual Order

Mayan astrology is really an extension of Mesoamerican efforts in general. The Aztec people were working on the same general sort of thing as well, so the distinction is perhaps overly fine a point to make. Mayan astrology doesn’t focus… Seek More

Mayan World View

Were Mayans organized in city-states? They were organized into city states. Their city structures being temples. I kind of see the Aztecs like the Romans – war like conquering empire – and the Mayans like the Greeks – focused on… Seek More

Cycles of Creation

The cycles of creation were mostly elemental in nature, corresponding roughly to the Mayan agricultural cycle, but they did also include things like a season of war as well. In a way, perhaps like our football seasons, both American and… Seek More

Gods in Everything

I did some research on how the Mayan books were constructed. The codexes or more generally? The codexes. They were accordion books, and they seem to have thought that the gods lived in the words and when you opened the… Seek More