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Death is no violation of life. We experience little deaths all through life. Death feeds life, and life death, because they aren’t really separate.

Evolution Wants a God? in Atheism


There are schools of occult thought that use deistic reasoning. That paranormal functioning is possible in any way, because any divinity meant it as providence for human support rather than it taking an active and arguably meddlesome hand.  This is another atheistic argument.

God gave us the hammer? Yes. It’s argued that in the presence of an active God of which we can have knowledge, the question or option of free will becomes moot. The absolute divine authority would preclude any defiance in our own thinking and behaviour.

As far as the question of absolute principles, there is the school of thinking known as humanism which offers that we exist in our position on this planet as a natural consequence or outgrowth.  Without postulating the will of any God, we are still morally responsible for the stewardship of life on this planet, and the betterment of ourselves, and the world at large. So humanism doesn’t reject a “spiritual” line of reasoning even if it doesn’t embrace a metaphysical link to justify it. Many use the term spirit metaphorically, meaning more a motivation or ambition than any metaphysical energy.

Though a lot of its arguments could and would easily degenerate into nihilism, a fundamental assertion they make is that we do not need to postulate the existence of a divinity to have purpose in life, and many argue that purpose is self determined and has no outside connections. Their reasoning gets sort of metaphysical when it comes to the subject of a purpose driven life without a non physical reality.

Anarchism has atheistic ties. An anarchist denies the value or validity of any enduring authority.  Therefore no ordering force beyond free will, and that would have to include divine authority. Many atheists make the argument that totemising authority is an immoral tactic that has no purpose, but justifying infringement of civil liberties. Basically god – president = tyrant. An interesting note is the original meaning of the Greek word tyrant meant hero of the people, and socially what does hero worship give us?

A role model.

Potentially both. But in this age, deference to authority without questioning does seem dubious at best. Would this require adopting an atheistic world view necessarily?

Is not this need for hero worship used as an argument against atheism? Ah, there are two lines of thinking on that. One was that if no God exists we would need to create one. Another being that if a God exists we would need to abolish it. They have identified a gene that seems connected to brain states that are identified as “spiritual experiences”, so is this a defect or a reflection of something beyond a materialistic world view?

If God exists it would make sense he would give us a communication link.
It would seem evolution wants a God.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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