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Fear Built Cities in General


When Jesus was talking about the fires of Gehenna, he was talking about the ways of cities, and he was not a city dweller himself preferring to live much as his predecessor John the Baptist did. Even in that day, the mind state associated with cities was “as the garbage pit.” Our cities have gotten no better. It’s the sort of mass psychosis that seems to foster that sort of thing.

Jesus didn’t teach rejection of nature. This was one of his most notable behaviours though it was seen as evil by the priesthood of the Jews. He was in a sense forever going out into the wilderness, and was not put off by the effects of death. His ultimate message was not “Fear Gehenna”, it was “You live in Gehenna, because you fear.” Was it not fear that built cities? Is it still not fear?

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At first there were villages. These were just people living together, and the villages came about with agriculture. But then as villages prospered there came to be conflict, so they built forts by the villages, and the villages prosperity went to support the warriors in the fort. Then they built walls, and the progression from there is obvious I think. Love builds villages, families, and friendships, it doesn’t build cities.  Borders around countries are the new walls, and long range weapons that no warrior has to see the outcome of. Again, no love here.

With cities I often think the word comes from the sidhe, actually pronounced she. Yes, the barrow mounds were homes of the sidhe and the realms of the dead, thus the ban-sidhe, or banshee, which was active in summer and winter.

I am not anti-city. We are meant to be creators, but more than we need another parking lot, we need gardens. More than we need another shopping mall, we need a grove. So though Father Time governs the cities, know that they can still live from his mercy, and not from human cleverness. He looks at human foolishness and preserves his role anyway, and the children of the Reaper have been born. The Indigo children, these strange new people, are his children. Where things go is up to you. The Indigos came about because of the cities. My own genetic difference came about from that.

I wonder if a Shiva connection is there? Yes, but Shiva in his dark aspect, thus the new shall come from the old. We can all dance this year if we choose. It is regrettable that it’s come to dance or be danced on, but it’s what our ancestors chose.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
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