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What you think, you do. What you do, you experience. What you experience, you feel. Be conscious of that cycle and you can know freedom.

New Beginning in Rites


Spring is a time when many new things come. If you would reject any supernatural element, then why does proper observance of spring seem to make so many things prosper? Even things supposedly unaffected by the weather?

The astral is more active in spring.  This is why we have spring fever, the “psychic disturbance” so common in spring. Spring fever is a metabolic shift brought about by change in light exposure. It plays with the homeostatic response, but you aren’t actually ill. It’s just not transitioning well, and your hormonal balance is likely changed or changing.

Is it a good time of year to start a manifestation cycle as it is a time of renewal? A time to ‘seed’ for new things in the coming year? Yes, it seems not only do some energies properly renew during spring, but perhaps all do.

It depends on our intentions when negotiating with the spirits? Indeed. It’s in spring that the spirits assess peoples intentions. Some people criticise the magic of pacts, but even if you perform no ritual you likely on some level have promises anyway, even if supposedly you didn’t intentionally make them. Those come into question in spring.

Can meditation help in planting the right intention? Indeed, and capitalizing on the psychic surge during spring can make the intention endure much longer than if you tried to establish it during the winter season. This is part of why New Years resolutions so often fail. The energy cycle is still in the phase of endings, so the resolution naturally ends as soon as you begin it.  Our calendar today is off kilter. The Gregorian calendar is really pretty atrocious. Chinese New Year is closer, and they have been sticklers about that. The traditional Jewish calendar is even better than the Gregorian.

For those of us who like a bit of controversy, in the Greek myth spring was the season in which Persephone was allowed to return from Hades. Spring was the word for emergence, and the return of life from the underworld. This is why winter had its sinister connotations. It was the reminder that the underworld could call its gifts back. Old Man Winter = Hades = Chronos, the Reaper. But no breaking of the Reaper permitted the cycle to return. No one felt they could gainsay death, and it was seen as an act of mercy when Baby New Year came about. Baby New Year = The Sun King = Horus = The Son of Man, Apollo.

We don’t see much of the Old Man, Father Time at New Year now, they focus on baby. Indeed, they do focus on baby, and it’s a mystery we’re in financial crisis? Why should Chronos give us anything? The guardian at the gate is the alpha/omega, not the preacher at the pulpit, or the baker by the vault.

Kali is the eastern version. Yes, Kali is the mother/destroyer. Just because we ignore it, it doesn’t mean it’s ceased to be true.

The whole idea of the deity who eats its children is time. Yes, the coming of deified man was both good and bad, and even Jesus didn’t actually say “I am the Father”. He said the Father is in me.

Where did Groundhog Day come from? It was an observable “hesitant return” from the underworld. If the creature decided it didn’t want to leave the underworld, a.k.a. the Summerland then to Celts, it was seen as a bad sign for the coming of spring, because spring came from the underworld also.

So seeing the shadow means spring is near as it represents surfacing of the underworld? If the shadow doesn’t surface, then winter is staying put? Yes, the seasons were spirits themselves. Persephone = spring, but spring comes about only by Hades keeping his word, and he is a man of his word in that belief. This is also why the underworld is associated with fire, though caves and such never were sources of fire.

See what your pet can show you this spring if you have one. If in this season you take even a moment to notice this seasons energy, it could carry with you all year. Be vibrant with springs energy friends.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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