'Rites' Chapter


What is our goal today in the beginning of the 21st century? To resolve old beliefs and understand that again. The lore behind death rites is as big as religion, science and magic itself, and the rites of death are really rites of life.

Rites of passage are very much parts of our lives and thinking. There are rites of passage all through life, and yet mostly in this day and age the concept of marking a rite of passage has gone by the wayside. Even our psychologists are recognizing these stages in human nature and warn if they are neglected they risk our mental health, but we keep on obsessing.

“Every ceremony or rite has a value if it is performed without alteration. A ceremony is a book in which a great deal is written. Anyone who understands can read it. One rite often contains more than a hundred books.” George Gurdjieff (Russian , 1873-1949)

“We needed this, it’s a rite of passage game, … When you get through a game like this, it shows you what you’re about and shows you where you’re trying to go. … At certain points, this is a journey. And it was a hell of a journey today.” Simeon Rice

Rites of Death

Death rites are perhaps the most universal in there nature and there significance. The lore behind death rites is as big as religion, science and magic itself, and the rites of death are really rites of life. They differ as… Seek More

Abode for the Spirit

Many of our modern ghost stories once served to illustrate things they believed about life. If you got ill, it was because an ancestor was upset or because they withdrew from your disrespect, and an evil non human spirit was… Seek More

Resolve Old Beliefs

In Norse belief most people go to hell. This is the literal source of the word and it was governed by the Vnir goddess Hela. To the Norse, hell was just a place of dreary boredom. Hell wasn’t for the… Seek More

Rites of Passage

Rites of passage are very much a part of our lives and thinking. For any who are familiar with the popular massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft (WOW), we see benchmarks in our lives. We “level up”. Graduate from school,… Seek More

Go to the Edge

First seclusion, then the next stage of a rite of passage is limination. Going to the edge.  These days many people make a career of that but there is no reason. It is sort of rebellion but without a clue.… Seek More

Ultimate Hubris

How many of you are in a tradition of some sort? I eat breakfast every day.   Yes the cult of breakfast, I sometimes venerate the flying spaghetti monster in that rite as my own personal heresy. I just left my… Seek More

Rule Tradition

If you’re proud of defying tradition, fine. Then if you don’t measure up, hell, you can defy your own tradition and go again. Don’t let the tradition rule you, you rule it. The old rites of passage were for dealing… Seek More

Oldest Mystery

A female tradition that changes our values and priorities in amazing ways is menopause? Well, it can be. It used to be connected to one of humanities oldest mysteries. In many traditions the crone was the most powerful goddess, and… Seek More

Rites of Spring

I don’t intend to delve too deeply into any one culture or beliefs on the rites of spring, and really it isn’t very necessary. Even in the most common view of orthodox religion, spring still means the same thing. The… Seek More

Spirit of the Land

The Christ Easter story is mirrored in other religions, and it is the ultimate story of destruction and renewal. The pagan rites of kingship are heavily shown in the Celtic world, and this applied in Africa also, though the shamanic… Seek More