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You can’t trust another till you trust yourself, because if you don’t trust yourself then how do you know who’s trustworthy?

Rule Tradition in Rites


If you’re proud of defying tradition, fine. Then if you don’t measure up, hell, you can defy your own tradition and go again. Don’t let the tradition rule you, you rule it. The old rites of passage were for dealing with what scared us, because honestly we are living things and whether we like it or not change is scary. We didn’t exactly get to pick that about ourselves. The rite of passage is empowering. It makes you the hunter, rather than a creature of the hunt. It makes you the seeker, rather than lost on the path.

Like pulling a rubber band back before making the big change, empowering it? Exactly, and the rites of passage follow those stages:

  1. Withdrawal, or the stretch;
  2. Limination, reaching the limit the rubber band can stretch;
  3. Reintegration, an ownership and application of that power.

You challenged it, you went there and because you went there you actually know where you are. There wasn’t some other center you were going to, you are right back here and know you are. Then you snap forward into a new action, leaving that center behind for the unknown new thing you are going to create.

There is a reason in Bushido they have their teachings, their levels, their traditions. In the end the Samurai doesn’t fear the reality of their way, they embrace it knowingly. They can even love it, not for any negativity but because life is life.

Is there one element that does make something a ‘tradition’ vs just something we do? Belief. The belief that your actions are based on a world truth.

You say change is scary I agree, but I also think accepting and embracing things can be too? I did, and I agree it is. In confronting the rite of passage you make the change on purpose. Isn’t it scarier without making an actual decision? Taking a real stand? It’s stepping into a new role and one you are choosing on purpose.

If we keep practicing this, it becomes less scary and more natural? It’s true of practice, good or bad. A serial murderer is at first afraid of the consequences of killing, but as they practice it, it gets easier and less scary. It even gets boring, and some even turn themselves in. Experience tells us we survived so fear diminishes. They get bored because no one can catch them and their original idea was based on a faulty premise.

My comments are sometimes dark like that, but I’m not endorsing anything bad. I use dark concepts like that, because they make the light stand out much more clearly. It’s just how I think. The truth wins in the long game or the short. If our rites are an acknowledgment of these truths, this way in the world.  They serve us. Even in Christianity it is said in the Bible, say neither look here, or look there for the kingdom of god is among you. It’s even within us. You don’t have to supplicate yourself to anything. No amount of begging or pleading will change a damn thing. In many ways this world was built on the shoulders of heretics; Socrates, Galileo.

It’s psychological for some though? It is. Thus in knowing what it was, Plato and Socrates were initiates of some of the Greek mystery schools. In knowing the traditions of their culture deeply, they knew what needed to be changed and why. It says in the Bible don’t try to remove the cinder from your neighbors eye before first removing the timber from your own. You aren’t free of what you ignore, you aren’t free of what you put off till later, tomorrow never comes. In fact, it’s even used in twelve step programs.  They advise not bothering with tomorrow and it’s true. Today is when you will make any change.  Or if today you will not change, then make that decision knowing that you are choosing not to make that passage.  To not leave this part of your life. Do that on purpose. You might find if you do, making the change isn’t impossible, very far from it. If you really confront your life, you might see that the change that you are afraid to make is inevitable, and you can’t really face another day of the same old crap.

Scary, very scary? The same thing can be very scary. That same thing you cling to daily, are you looking now?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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