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Everyone has a belief system, even if it’s shunning what they identify as belief systems.

Fear God in Necronomicon

Book of the Dead

There is a theory about how the modern brain evolved, and I don’t mean from prehistory, I mean within it’s own era, that suggests that we were all originally more or less schizophrenic. This would make a lot of the old stories and historical behaviour make more sense wouldn’t it? Were the old stories of encounters with the gods ever peaceful?

No. “Fear god. I saw god and was sore afraid. I saw god and my hair turned white.” So our ancestors were perhaps even paranoid schizophrenics. Maybe the priests were just the ones who coped with it best, got a handle on how to interpret it, but even the enlightenment of the Buddha, was that peaceful?

Schizophrenics hear actual voices that whisper negative and destructive things to them. Yes. They also have shifting temperaments. This makes it hard for the person to judge. Sometimes the voice is friendly and seems to offer advice and praise.

Some kids seem to enjoy what ever companions lay inside them, but maybe a trauma would turn the voices more negative. Stress actually. There is a scientist making headway right now in his research. He has made his career in understanding hallucination which is rather common though not chronic for most people and doesn’t by itself mean anything about the persons mental health, but he has observed that the general character of hallucinations shifts with the persons level of stress. Some people even have specialized hallucinations.

An example would be those who see written music everywhere. I am certain Egyptians scribes and Norse rune masters had similar experiences. It was even how Odin had his vision of the runes bringing himself to near death by ritual crucifixion. So just because we don’t readily see the land of the Dead anymore, does that make it any less valid? Are we somehow less effected by it? What do you think?

Well, people usually say the more you get into it, the more attention you bring to yourself. That is ultimately falsehood. Flying scab and blood gatherers are having a heyday. Bone staff and skull staff, puss demon, they are all laughing. These are Mayan demon/gods by the way. We learned a new way of seeing the world which involved putting one of our eyes out.

I’m not sure I want to see the puss demon. You don’t. Odin put one of his eyes out. For the benefit of the ancestors we put the other eye out. Supposedly, for the benefit of ourselves.

I guess that is why an eye is often a symbol of a god/goddess? It is a symbol for Second Life too.

The sacrifice was really an act of accepting fear, and the gods did fear in Norse belief. The gods did fear in Hindu belief. The spirits did fear in Native American belief, and in South American belief. The Greek gods feared. Do modern gods fear?

No, they are all powerful. If they don’t fear, how can they love?

We have to fear to love? Yes, otherwise we love to fear. We have to have the horse in front of the cart or we all get tripped up. This is why relativism is so popular as well as nihilism. Today we fear nothing. Because we love to fear, there is no clarity. We are even told clarity doesn’t even matter, knowledge matters, the newest gadget or technology matters. You don’t have to understand, just accept progress and buy local.

Connect “local”? Oh, a commercial slogan so you will accept economy as a moral model over anything more deeply rooted.

Yes, I know, but if we were able to connect — even with what is most local. Could economy be a way of connection? Economy is the modern way of connection, and Mammon has poisoned the well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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