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Imagine is to choose one’s state of being, and luck is when this preparation meets one of the countless opportunities that arise in life.

Transition To The Beyond in Necronomicon


Does study of a Necronomicon help us develop and prepare for the transition to the beyond, in it’s proper time? Potentially, but the Necronomicon describes the transition as hazardous for a reason.

People will even create an artificial oblivion to avoid moving beyond. Even hell, if it means they get to stay in reality. It’s very hard to notice your opportunity to move out of this space when you enter the “between”, or as the Buddhists call it the bardo, and there are intelligences that exist in the between that will deliberately frighten souls who are moving in the spirit circuit. They do this as an act of compassion actually, and are known as “the kindly ones”. It’s a title well earned. The kindly ones are also the Tibetan “angry gods”.

I remember in the Buddhist material I read on bardo states, the emphasis on developing strong clarity of mind to meet these challenges. That is what it takes. As the mind is not patterned by the organic body, it does not end with the organic body. What happens to the mind when one crosses to the bardo is like an odd lucidity. As the organic things effecting your consciousness cease to be a factor, only to reveal to the horror of this transitioning soul how very unreal their past reality was.

There is a resting state that is much like a very vivid dream. To describe the dead as sleeping is true, but it’s a half truth, and it’s when they move into the “lucid” dream that they have the chance to choose their next state of being with being “outside” one of those possible choices.

There are cases of monks dying yet remaining upright often in a meditative posture and still with color in their body for a few days after death in this state of being. Yes. One can die on the threshold and then the mechanics of death itself bend. There are some prophecies that eventually the between will cease to be obscured to us, and we will create ways for those who “left” to come directly back. We already do this when we resuscitate those who flat line, but it’s possible we could go further. Even non mystical scientists are predicting this. What they are not considering is the insertion of the “chaos factor” that comes from containing a mind in matter it wasn’t originally intended to inhabit. This would cause a field breach in this reality, if only limited, and if they take it too far the energy could reach “critical mass”.

A spiritual transplantation. Yes, and thus the phrase, “In strange aeons, even death may die.”

Oh, that is what was done in the movie Avatar. Yes, and it’s a pretty good reflection of existence beyond “real space”, though maybe a touch rainbows and flowers for many of the “planets” beyond. Sort of polyanna-ish.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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