The world is not a machine, You can’t fix it. You can only scar it or let it heal and grow.

Root Of All Things in Necronomicon


We are going to talk about the Necronomicon. I will start with a bit of orientation. With everything in reality being as changeable as it is, what does it all have in common?

Everything dies, and yet nothing does. That is the mystery of the Necronomicon. Now the one Necronomicon that you may have heard of doesn’t exist in a literal sense. Instead, there have been many.

All that exists continues to exist in that phase of existence we call time/memory. So there have been many forms of a Necronomicon throughout the world and history, and they all exist for one reason. To explain the state of existence that perhaps can only really be described as “beyond”. Where people get confused is thinking that the beyond is the “end” of all things when in fact it is the root of all things. And thus why the gods and spirits associated with that “real” have been seen to have so much power. Generally, more than those associated with more “earthly” things like harvest or other human concerns. I will ask you, does the world seem to be in any way human hearted?

What do you mean human hearted? Oh, like does the world play favourites? Favour one people over another or have what we would call compassion?

No. The world just does what it does. There is more depth behind the workings of the world than that, but it can be very challenging to entertain things that are “beyond” human nature.

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Now, here is the first mystery of the Necronomicon. Neither are human beings human hearted. They have for their ancestry and spiritual template, intelligence preceding humanities existence as we know it, and our “ancestors” continue to exist in their own region of time/space. We think of their existence as being in a “time past”, but all cultures (and especially those that still have their Necronomicon) see the role of “those who went before” as still very active. Their activities and existence still shapes our current state. In psychology, they would refer to this as a species awareness or collective unconscious. But even within the bounds of science, there is no evidence that time as we know it even exists. Actually, there is evidence that the time/space continuum as we call it is even a static.

The Necronomicon has many forms. There have been many books of the dead, but they all have been concerned with a few things. The structure of the beyond, or the real of entropy, or “death”, and how it affects our living world. Describing its geography and how we might navigate it to our advantage, and understanding the troubles that can arise from beyond in our mundane world.

Most people, when they think of this, just get scared that the dead are going to hurt them somehow. But in fact, the disturbances arising from the beyond arise either from humans ignoring their comfortable limits, or defying a pre-existing and necessary order that keeps the entire universe running smoothly. Because the living/waking world is a comfortable little cell or “womb” in which humanity is meant to mature before they take on the ultimate reality that is the beyond.

Alien abductions often relate time loss phenomenon as did the ancient contacts with the Gods. The reason for this is simple. Humanity from time to time crosses that very thin and permeable boundary, that we consider reality, into the beyond, and there they discover insights into reality that are both empowering and often crippling at the same time. Because for those who make that transition, a lot of “real life” can lose its meaning and old motivations lose all sense. They also often acquire motivations and interests that “normal” people consider psychotic, but have a eerie coherence behind them that other people find disturbing.

So the Necronomicon(s) are both a guide for the outward bound and for the returning. As they often impart a sense of purpose and meaning for the person whose mind now may only seem “broken” to those who have never made the crossing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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