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There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

Mind Origination in Necronomicon


Where does the mind originate from? The beyond? Yes, but let’s not jump ahead.

If the mind has material reality as its single source, then why does it have such a poor grasp on it? Wouldn’t it be the perfect computer for analyzing the machine of material reality if that is the real context behind consciousness? Perfectly evolved to tell us all about matter, because that is all there is?

I’d assume that it’s not yet perfectly evolved, in the sense that our biological form at the moment is still distorting it and limiting it’s potential? Well, yes and no. The biological form is superficial, but it does exactly what it’s supposed to do in this space and time. The mind has some traits, because they reflect actual reality and not the comfy little island of material reality. It breaks time for one. It can preserve models of reality that no longer exists. Though we call this experience and memory, evidence shows these still don’t reflect the material events as they happened, very well. And it can project possible futures that have no concrete basis in the current time space phase. It doesn’t have these abilities by accident. It is also capable of synthesizing seemingly “broken” elements of reality into forms that supposedly have no basis in reality as we know it. Again this is not accidental, as reality doesn’t have the rules we assign to it in the first place.

I’ve heard it said that our purpose here is to (in God terms) become God’s companion in that our will and his will is the same and then we can return to the source. I think this could also be described as evolving to the state you describe to tell us all about matter and this root reality. Yes? Yes. But there are those who go too soon. Even those who are “taken” and disappear entirely. These play throughout history and myth, and even show up in physical records. Artefacts, but no human remains to go with them. Also strange breaks in the traces of the cultures activity, as if their presence was sporadic even before they vanished entirely.

Basically falling down the rabbit hole? Yes. Time/space is static, but it’s also porous. They have even discovered something they thought impossible. Light loses energy as it crosses the galaxy. It is leaking to a place or state of existence science can only call “somewhere”. They refuse to speculate and maybe that’s for the best.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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