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Life is an unsolved riddle only to the degree that you haven’t yet realized yourself to be the answer.

Find Your Passion in Futility


We are drawing nearer to the source than we ever have before as human beings. It’s causing some to have crisis of faith, others it’s been validating for.

Crisis, because they are scared of the truth? Yes.

So with this view, nothing is futile with the proper inner state brought to any act? Yes, but perhaps more clarification is in order.

Native Hawaiian doesn’t have a word for futile. Because you don’t live a life that allows futility. It’s about the spirit of anything. It really is all about the “principle” of the thing, and if we live at surfaces we can become very distracted from principles.

Ah, not pointless commercialism? Commercialism is futile, but it’s not against the rules for us to make nice things for ourselves. Spirit doesn’t judge us badly for having computers.

But can we make futility commercial? I can hear the boardroom meeting now. Actually it’s been done. The current popularity of “emo” music. But the psychoanalysts do actually have some things right. These principles aren’t so much things we can arbitrarily create, they have to be discovered. And things that may function as guidance for me, and do impact my relationship to the world, may only be an encumbrance for you.

We need to discover our passion? Our principles give us our passions, yes. You will believe in something. It is your nature, and if you try to believe in nothing, well… They say that the person who stands for nothing will fall for anything. Your powers of intellect can convince you of anything. They work like a machine and anyone can push the buttons. There is no self direction without finding your passion and living by its principles.

At work it came to asking “what answer do you want” and a case can be built. Futile, because the answer they want seems to be a whim. Yes, “unprincipled.” That’s why we often hear “it’s nothing personal, just business.” That is actually a horrible idea, and a lie really. Anything in business is going to impact someone very personally. Business as business is futile. Business as art has a proper place alongside all other human effort.

It depersonalizes, invalidates personal experience and makes people numbers, and then people feel the futility of being stuck in the system. This makes them easily managed material assets. Believe you are a material being, and you can easily be treated as material. Put on a shelf until someone has a purpose for you.

Exactly why I feel no urge to work until I find something I love doing. I am not a number. I am a soul. That’s valid guidance. Even your personal name has some soul in it, which they strip you of when you become a case file.

My parents choose that. And it represents your connection to them, and to the community you were born into. In Second Life you chose your name, and it has as much of your soul in it as your first life name. You can “make a name for yourself.” Do it literally.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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