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Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

What Is Futile? in Futility


What do you feel is futile, friends? 

  • Avoiding change. Yes, and having a sense of futility usually comes from an effort on your part to avoid change, very good.
  • Pretending Second Life isn’t real. If Second Life isn’t real then real life isn’t real, and if I go somewhere I will see a bunch of flesh “avatars” going about many different things. We’re just digital in Second Life is all. We can maybe be a bit more creative, but a lot of what we make here we could make in real life.

So, what is futile?

  • Teleporting in Second Life. Hmm, it would seem that way sometimes, I’m sure. But you keep doing or trying to do it anyway, because there is an intention and an experience you seek.
  • Anything that you don’t experience? Oh, indeed. Anything you don’t experience is indeed futile, but once you have your experience, which can come much later than the experience itself, it ceases being futile.

So why do we experience a sense of futility, ever?

  • Perhaps when the interest is fading? Very good. That’s exactly when. Exactly. So why do we lose interest in things?
  • It shouldn’t be like that, it says a lot about the person itself. True, it does.
  • We lose track of what we were trying to achieve? We do that, and we try to achieve things we were never connected to in the first place. Someone says “Do this for me and I’ll pay you”, and are certain to pay you only just enough to keep you needing to do the work. It doesn’t matter what sort of work it is.

Many people feel their jobs or careers are futile, why is that?

  • They feel like they don’t make a difference.
  • Because you are working for someone else’s objective and not yours.
  • After a certain amount of money you can’t just pay more to get more from people. This is also why they say money isn’t a motivator past the point of subsistence. True, it’s not. Money can be futile beyond the point it doesn’t change your experiences. They make it all about the money. Money itself isn’t enough of a motivation, we need more.

Our instincts tell us that money is a questionable abstraction, so we always doubt why we want it, at least a little bit. What kind of society has this given us?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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