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This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

First Delusion Of Thought in Root Chakra

Root Chakra

We have some horrible delusions. They create some serious malfunctions, both in our coping skills and our biological processes, as you cannot actually separate these two things. They are one and the same dynamic.

The first delusion is the privileged position of what we are calling thought. The unfocused tendency to try to force our sense impressions to synthesize what we consider a believable picture.

I think therefore I am, or so I thought. If you thought that, you were in fact wrong. Your ability to think arises from a level that precedes anything we consider thought. It is the base consciousness I speak of. The whole world itself is aware, and keeps rhythm across its systems with something we have often called empathy. It’s also called biophilia. Simply put, life seeks life.

It can arise in meditation. It’s like a bubble of energy rising that bursts into a thought. Indeed, but it doesn’t have to be submersed in opaque mud. Every bit of awareness you have actually arises from a set of patterns that take place not only in your body, but in everyone’s bodies, and in every body and life form on this entire planet.

I heard a Buddhist teacher make a bold statement once that every thought you have is because you are avoiding a feeling or energy in the body. That’s fair to say, as far as conventional thought goes. But even if you didn’t engage in conventional thought, you would still have what is actually a parallel to thought. A sort of photosynthesis of energies that creates a complex of consciousness. But people don’t yet draw their awareness from their root. They refuse to see their life arises from the muddy water.

Hence “living in your head” is a common phrase. And is the delusion I am speaking of. Your head functions on the life force, but you give it an upset stomach by making it gag on nonsense based creativity. You force your mind to regurgitate its own essence and then mistake that for reality.

So is the root more like your instinct? It is. Unfortunately, people don’t seem to be well equipped to distinguish instinct from compulsive behaviour. They are not the same thing. Any idea of “must” is the hall mark of life essence gone bad. Your life force doesn’t reflect concepts of must. Necessity is a delusion. The base consciousness works on desire.

The little child who eats something doesn’t bemoan its loss. If we are attached, we resist processing. We choke off the life force at its root. Attachment is a style of thinking, as is aversion.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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