'Root Chakra' Chapter

Root Chakra

Root consciousness is the first chakra. It’s the first chakra and all higher chakras stem from it. Root is first and last.

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Aware You’re Aware

Today, we are talking about spiritual and psychic health. It’s the first class in a string I intend to do, but not necessarily consecutively. We will have more classes like this as it’s a very complex topic. Today, specifically, we… Seek More

First Delusion Of Thought

We have some horrible delusions. They create some serious malfunctions, both in our coping skills and our biological processes, as you cannot actually separate these two things. They are one and the same dynamic. The first delusion is the privileged… Seek More

Second Delusion Of Choice

The idea that our consciousness works on a dynamic of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain is the second delusion. People believe that life is about choices, and although this makes thinking easier, it quickly becomes an obsession to the point… Seek More

Vigilance Patterns

Shall we go into how base consciousness is mirrored in thinking consciousness, even if distorted? First and primarily it surfaces in our vigilance patterns. This is why you think that people, the world, or God, are watching you. Your life… Seek More

I Think Therefore I Am Not

I would very much like to be rid of some of the thoughts that occur to me at times. You cannot be rid of a thought by thinking. You cannot be rid of a thought by avoiding thought in any… Seek More

Feelings From Listening

Does our curiosity mean we are listening? Curiosity is exactly that. If you are curious, you are listening. If you see a bee labouring in your yard and you watch it because you are curious, or you see an ant… Seek More