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Everyone has a belief system, even if it’s shunning what they identify as belief systems.

I Think Therefore I Am Not in Root Chakra

Root Chakra

I would very much like to be rid of some of the thoughts that occur to me at times. You cannot be rid of a thought by thinking. You cannot be rid of a thought by avoiding thought in any way. This is why a lot of new age thinking fails so miserably for people.

I believe that is a metaphysical principle. We always add to balance? Yes. Everything is always addition. Death is only a process of addition that pushes you outside of your current energy domain. The equation grows too big to fit your current parameters. Memory accumulates.

Kind of paradoxical isn’t it? This is exactly why the thinking mind doesn’t work well with it. It hates paradox. Yes, because it hates itself. It tries to defeat its own nature. This is why we think the way we do. Our minds grow for us one face and we paint for ourselves another. We think that we have learned things when all we have done is made a long string of decisions about what things mean, and like a psychotic, just kept repeating, “I’m an orange, please don’t peel me!” We don’t have to learn what things are. We already know. When we get caught on a thought we do not want, it’s because we made a decision about something our base consciousness has presented to us and have resisted unmaking it.

It should be said, I think therefore I am not. I am that I am not. It’s the reason we all feel different, alienated, and alone, fearful and paranoid of others. We project the base power of the base consciousness onto others. We convince ourselves that other people are our life, and that we have to learn about these other people and the things that they have learned, because these are somehow truth. Anyone found truth that way, yet?

I do not tell you truths in these classes. This is another paradox. What I tell you are bald faced lies. The trick to this statement is, they are not my lies. I cannot tell you the truth. No one can. Because truth is before words and after words. It’s not in the middle.

Your truth my lie? But not really a lie, just a different version of truth. Funny how paradoxical that can get, huh?

The way of the base consciousness is the way of the cat. They go crazy, react to everything, take part in everything until they are exhausted. Then they appear to sleep as they take it all in. All the life they experienced in that burst from their root energy. Then they don’t just blindly jump back into activity and do the same things again because that “is what they should do”. They watch, and to human thinking seem to plot and scheme, but in fact, they are just listening to the life force. This is why they always seem to know not only when there is something wrong with themselves, or you, or that they can get something they want, they know when the daily pattern is going to change also.

The life force will tell them what move to make? It does seem very automatic. It does. It is much like the force spoken of in the Star Wars movies. We are all, at our core, Jedi knights. We are just too busy thinking that we are something else.

We are just machines? Machines are not machines. They are the earth given a new form, tortured into taking a shape that conforms to human thinking, and they are quite happy to help humans hurt themselves while they insist on remaining so insane. Not to say that humans should shape nothing. We are, and have always been, meant to be creators. Like the famous artist who brought images out of the stone that were already there. We were meant to create new avenues of action in the world. We were just not supposed to stop listening. A machine is just a shape that does work. We are meant to create these shapes in our world, but they are meant to feed and support life, not kill it and grind it to sterility.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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