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Words aren’t evil, though fixation can be a source of pain.

Vigilance Patterns in Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Shall we go into how base consciousness is mirrored in thinking consciousness, even if distorted?

First and primarily it surfaces in our vigilance patterns. This is why you think that people, the world, or God, are watching you. Your life force prompts you to be aware, and to seek the realities that support its growth and well being. These get confused though.

Is that not a basic instinct, to be aware to avoid being prey? A primal instinct? It is, but it’s more than avoiding being prey. Your base consciousness has a broader range of awareness than what people would consider obvious. As I said earlier, all the aspects of your awareness arise from causes that have their origin in the environment. The vigilance pattern is naturally meant to read the “body language” of the world. Not only to tell you where food is, or what wants to make you its food, but to keep you in touch with the patterns of your entire environment and the creatures in it. A vast web of energies that do directly impact your personal soul, though you might not be conscious of it.

Normally, your base consciousness would motivate you to consider these shifts of energy in making your choices, and lead you to consider how you might not just maintain your own well being, but restore the balance of life energy in your environment as well. Like maybe stop preying upon a specific creature, or migrate somewhere else so that your current region can rest and regenerate, but it goes deeper than even this.

The world itself is aware, not only of those things that naturally arise on it and in it, but it is also aware of what we might consider outside forces like knowing that you can’t eat the pencil you have in your mouth. Your base consciousness actually shows when an outside force will cause an unstable or unpredictable change in the world. Some people consider this to be reading the future, but to the base consciousness there is no future and no past. This level of your awareness is the infant you once were and the elder you will be, at exactly the same time, and it is also all the branch parallels of your self as well. This is why it feels like we have choices. In the same way we are aware we have arms, we are aware that we have action potentials.

The base consciousness is not simpler than the thinking consciousness. It’s deeper. It’s human thinking that is in fact more shallow. We aren’t meant to think like we do now. If I could begin to describe what our powers of imagination are meant to actually do, well, it would easily exceed the capacity of the English language to describe.

So yes, what this has to with spiritual and psychic health is you have to lose your thinking to not lose your mind. All of our most passionate thinkers are in mental health institutions, because that is the only place they can go. We can help them by helping ourselves.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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