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Feelings From Listening in Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Does our curiosity mean we are listening? Curiosity is exactly that. If you are curious, you are listening. If you see a bee labouring in your yard and you watch it because you are curious, or you see an ant doing something on a tree and watch it react to being interrupted, just to see what it will do, you are listening. Like watching a dog and cat interact, because you know that they really do have their own way about them, that is listening.

The range of things that we can attend to is limitless, but we have to start from where we are, and where we are is not what we think. We think after knowing. We don’t know after thinking. Then we feel after we fail to know. Thus we get sick. If we let our feelings come from listening, much of our life struggles would become non-issues. Stress related illness would be a virtual absence in this way of life.

This reminds me of when I’m shopping for an item. I immediately pick one thing and then spend a lot of time thinking about options. But I’ve learned that nine times out of ten, I’ll end up back at that original pick. Base consciousness doesn’t lie to you. You try to lie to it, but it isn’t listening to you. So instead you act like a little brat to your inner being and start doing the equivalent of “la la la la”, because you have trained yourself to want everything to appeal to your thinking. It takes a lot of energy to throw these internal tissy fits and fight with yourself. Whenever you fight yourself, it’s only you who loses.

This also reminds me of you shopping. You look at an item for five seconds and decide. I do have to take some time to check in, but it doesn’t take long to respond. Just sometimes it wants to tell me about more things than my choice. This is why people think I am so easily distracted. I have a lot of thinking going on in my environment. It’s really quite noisy.

I often end up not buying something I want because I think too much about it, then I go back and buy it later anyways.

This doest stay where it happens. What happens in the department store follows you home to your kitchen and goes to bed with you. Then gets up with you and goes to work. People think they live their life in a series of scenes, but life is whole. It’s your mind that is broken.

It isn’t just about whether you purchase the shoes or not, it’s about what you do when you are active and called to do something. If what you do is to “do not”, then that becomes a way not of life, but of living death. If you don’t buy the shoes because you are choosing something else over shoes, then that is life. If you don’t buy the shoes because you just don’t thinking the choice matters, then all choices will cease to matter. That attitude gets quite viral. If you can’t have the candy bar, can you have a hug from your partner? If you can’t have that hug when you feel like it, can you have forgiveness? If you can’t have forgiveness, can you have peace with your neighbour? All these questions just because you didn’t think you could have the candy bar.

Life is not about what you didn’t do. It’s not about rules. Does the bird care that it cannot vote in human politics? Do you see house cats picketing human adult book stores because they think human sexuality is offensive? Why do we waste time creating blockages when we could be making choices? Why do we waste timing cutting back and limiting when nature gives us the energy to grow? Is our judgement really so much better than natures? Did we self engineer after nature somehow failed to give the planet life?

Root consciousness is the first chakra, and all higher chakras stem from it. Root is first and last.

Is it paired with the thinking chakra, which is the sixth? It is. The crown chakra has no single center it links to.

Hence they get snarled I expect? Yes. If you want to feel what your thinking should really be like, and what the root chakra is supposed to be linking to, stare into the open sky as deeply as you can as if you were trying to see the universes farthest star. Your base consciousness or root chakra is meant to link to that.

They say listen to your heart. That’s good advice, but don’t stop there. Don’t criticise a man for listening to his sexuality, and you listen to yours. Don’t criticise the eater for listening to their tummy, listen to yours. Don’t look at anyone’s form and find fault. Whatever you see there, in their life and body language, listen to yours. What you will find when you listen to your kidneys, say, is that the reason humanity is so distorted is that they aren’t actually listening to anything. You won’t be able to judge, because it’s not a character flaw. It wasn’t even a decision. It’s just their thinking. It’s like everyone’s flesh and blood form is just a menagerie of funny sock puppets. Then you will be able to see the hand behind the puppet. The soul that would prefer to stop playing with the mask and actually go live their life. How can you hate that?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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