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Your tensions are memories. All of them whether intense or more subtle are even potentially scars. Scars are not flexible, but for every tension, especially chronic tensions, there are memories.

Flip Side to Our Space in Portals


Could you explain the observer effect and how is it used to affect things from the other side? Certainly. People tend to visualize an atom almost as if it were a 2D object. Some may view it as 3D, but it has more dimensions than that. As the observer effect influences a wave function in our world, it creates an echo back the other way, deeper into the atomic fabric, but this is not an inner space or even an outer space, it’s an other space, a flip side to our space.

So when you notice the ice-cream cone is pink and smells like bubble gum, this creates a signal that influences an object in the other space that is neither pink nor does it smell like bubble gum. They are the same object. Even if you consume the ice-cream, this does in no way destroy the other apparent object as it didn’t really destroy the ice-cream either. Maybe your act of consuming the ice-cream here manifests as their version of an apple being allowed to lay on the ground and rot.

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So even the mind is a portal. If you allow for the potential of the mind to exploit the geography created in our space by zero point resonance, then we could even use the mind to move between points in our own space as all we would be doing is exploiting the very brief window in which a portion of our energy occupied the remote location. For a fraction of a second a part of your body is in Paris. With the correct psychic event occurring, you could collapse your personal wave function so that all of your body is in Paris.

I’ve heard Buddhist masters talk about being in two places at once. Is that what they are doing? Indeed.

If you tried to use your mind to leave our dimension entirely, you would likely wind up upside down and backward. Our mind would have a very hard time adapting to the native physics, perhaps not impossible, but not something I would recommend anyone try. This is why the Mayans had to use the technology they did.

Without a guide and protector? Navigator and proper vector. Some help from the other side could allow proper translation.

“A separate Reality” kind of thing? Yes.

If we could just communicate to them with rotting apples. In less stable realities we do. There is an event horizon between dimensions, sort of mini dimensions all their own, sort of linear, but at these points matter tends to be more mutable like being able to stand in a stable wormhole perhaps. While in one of these holes matter behaves not like a single set of spatial and physical forces, but according to a complex mix of them taken on from neighboring dimensions. So there the apple/ice cream cone is one object, visibly, and you probably wouldn’t want to eat it.

As I said before in a previous class, you probably don’t want to bother with portal magick, but if you do take it on then just take it easy and trust the translation process. Run your experience through another filter if it seems necessary.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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