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Mind works whether we want it to or not, or is it lobotomies for all? Shall we sit in the vapid silence of not knowing anything? Or maybe move with the rhythm of the entirety of our being, evil mind and all.

Flow of Chi in Buddha Nature


In wuxing everything is chi. What gives rise to the apparency of all the countless things is a process of filtering. Chi filtering down through one state into another, each point influencing the next one down the stream, but it’s all still one united stream of energy.

In wuxing, insight, things and circumstances seem to change, not because anything essential has changed. The chi is still entirely chi, but the motion of the chi has changed. It’s grown still, or choppy and chaotic. It’s split or turned back against its previous direction. This is the basis of feng shui. Examining the flow of chi, and predicting what will happen at the various points along the river. Where the chi stagnates, things die, which doesn’t always mean literally.

The chi doesn’t flow through closets well, and what goes in many closets is where things “end.” How many dead things do you have in your closet?

What reduces the number of dead things in the closet is the flow through the adjoining hall or in the adjoining room. If there is high flow there then the non-flow in the closet is mitigated, and the chi is washed out of there, just more slowly.

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How this relates to Buddha nature and wyrd… First Buddha nature, they teach the concept of non-self to break peoples habit of restricting flow. The Buddha nature itself is radiant, like the sun. What flows more than the sun?

It’s also the most powerful thing in the general vicinity of our planet. So is Buddha nature. If it isn’t clouded, it’s the source of health and strength even literally in the case of martial artists. If they don’t embrace that inner nature, the amazing things they are able to do would be pretty much impossible or accomplished by accident which is functionally the same as impossible.

Yes, self-actualization is also these things. Not a restriction of self but allowing self to flow. If I become the man who can’t windmill kick, that stops my martial arts training pretty much completely.

Accidental is impossible? I guess it’s not an accident if it can be repeated. Yes, because nothing is literally impossible. Things are just varying degrees of improbable. You can have no strength of connection with it.

Now how this all applies to wyrd… Your own mask interacts with everyone else’s mask. The role nature seems to want you to play also seems to change. When the clown meets the madman, one thing happens. When the clown meets the stern authority something else happens. Using your wyrd is not removing your mask, it’s transforming it.

Ever see a Native American transformation mask? Usually those of the tribes of the northwest or the Alaskan natives, likely others as well, but those are the ones I’m familiar with. When closed it looks like raven, but they can open it to reveal a man’s face. If you do nothing about your wyrd, it will control you. If you fight your wyrd, it will still control you, and the consequences will be even worse, but there is a third option. All the masks come together to form a story, and the story is the shared energy of wyrd or fate of everyone involved.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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