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Hurting can be healing and if the center of the person is whole, then all it is is healing.

Metaphor of the Sword in Buddha Nature


Last we spoke of wyrd. The next system is wuxing. Buddhism originated in India. Wuxing originated in China, and wyrd originated in Europe. The reason I say this is this forms a map of the Buddha nature these things occur in. They are all human. They all arise from the same mind and for the same reasons.

In wuxing, everything is chi. It’s like the Arab alchemists prima materia though it was only called that when it was later taken up by the Christians.

And wuxing might be part of a martial artists regime? Yes, much of martial arts insight and philosophy is based on it. Training methods even start soft and get harder.

Odd how martial arts usually says fighting is the last resort. Odd how? Well, because when they do fight it can be very violent. If you must fight…then win. The martial arts and the insight behind them can be summarized in their metaphor of the sword. They engage in martial arts practice as a way of challenging and strengthening human nature. Through action and training, they confront themselves and their own impulses. One of the most readily obvious is the impulse to violence. The martial artist is not just giving in to their desire to hit people and kill stuff, they are doing the opposite. They are taking an otherwise potentially toxic nature and tempering it like you would do with the metal you intend to make into a sword blade. They practice martial arts not to survive their enemies, but to survive themselves.

Dipping themselves in Buddha nature? Yes.

Now like a sword, once you have a strong sword, what exactly you use that for is up to you. It can be used to kill and destroy, leaving you with the consequences and eventually killing you as you can’t cut the world that gives you breathe without cutting yourself. Fast or slow you die on that path and die early.

The sword seen from another point of view saves lives. In the context of clear Buddha nature, that same sword is medicine. Inevitably, you can fall ill. Inevitably, there will be those who seek violence, and when that occurs you can save life, your life or that of others or both.

Is it why villains typically lose? It is exactly why.

It takes so much effort to be nasty, they burn out. And leaves them empty handed. They have to kill the people they want to rule. They have to destroy the land they want to own.

We’ve been spoiled by movies but they are good studies for nature. Yes, and though it may seem otherwise, often movie storylines cloud the very real truth behind their plot lines. They make us disbelieve in the reality because they dramatized it to give us fantasy.

The reality is that many super heroes are not happy souls. They remain entangled with those who cause harm. They feel little control. Yes. The superhero is the greatest servant, even slave. They are the slave of the villain though they oppose them at every turn.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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