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Enlightened self-interest is wisdom. Everything has a cost and you will have to pay in one way or another. If you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I feel it’s better to do what you will and accept the consequences.

Focus on Internal Now in Now


The internal now is different from the external now. We do experience the internal now from time to time. As children we either lived in it, or could have. For the child there is an “I”, but I can be anything. They at first play with I until they are made to hurt regarding I. They are told what they are, because it’s inconvenient for them to keep playing with I, and a child’s concern is with now. What can I be now? What can I do now? They discover many things until they are told it’s false. Is this not so?

Like when a child does something, and say the puppy did it? Yes, in the later stages.

The messages we hear today about ‘now’ are all about being mindful of what is happening around us. So we start to trance out on the flow of changing events? We lose touch with ourselves? Yes, and declare that we are advanced somehow because we have lost touch with ourselves. This makes one very tractable. It does serve some people for you to be that way.

When I focus on external things, I stop thinking and kind of flow. Is that losing touch with myself? It can be.

Focus intently, creative concentration I mean. Ah, actually creative concentration is often being the most in touch with yourself. The artist when they lose themselves in their own chosen expression are not loosing themselves. They are expanding themselves. They are just loosing the narrow place focus. If anything, they are more in touch when they do that. Time and place are not the internal now, and are not the eternal now.

In some cases, one is focused on a task, but “he” isn’t in it.  Many mystics have been known to refuse to do, or even be unaware of some things because “God” wasn’t in it. The eternal is in you. It has always been, and it is what survives all things mortal. The external is mortal, and it serves our purposes for it to be mortal, because the internal is infinite, and needs the medium to be able to change. Identification with the external is false identification, and creates a blockage of the very spirit or life that animates the external world. It’s a “living” death.

Identifying with society is external? Yes, in a sense it is. You can be identified with the true self, and mindful of its impact on society. But identification with society is identification with the external, and it is false identification.

Great, I always thought it was everybody else’s fault. Nope, it’s yours. But identification with fault is identification with the external. Fault = mortality, and that’s the mark of the external.

When something happens, someone asks “who did this“, or they are quick to say “it wasn’t me.” Why is that so important to place blame? Because we are entranced with the external. We are conditioned to focus there. If someone blames me for making them feel bad, I don’t argue with them. If someone insults me, I don’t argue with them. Why should I? If they dramatize it, I mirror them. They are talking about externals, and they are talking about their own projection.

It enables their projected illusion? Yes, and I refuse to enable their projected illusion. If they project a role on me, I don’t have to play, and usually I don’t want to play. Most of those games are suffering.

This reminds me of being a kid and being told no one likes a tattler, but if they could get hurt you should tell someone. Indeed, that is an example. It’s an insane contradiction.

It’s sort of an insane perception to project? Yes, exactly. My stepson would often tell me things about his little brother. I never yelled at him, or his little brother. I went to see. Who goes to see now? People love to tell me they don’t know. Who goes to see? In the internal now I see, and if I am informed of something I go to see. With enough going, I come to see that no going is actually necessary to see, so instead I go to do. What would happen if we first go to see, and then go to do?

If your son tells you something about his little brother, you might still go and make sure he is not doing anything harmful? Yes, is true, and no blame needed. If I need to do I will, and what disturbance is there? Why do I need to be upset in the internal now? The external now is forever upsetting, forever confusing, and the common advise is to just accept that, and adopt an apathy. Is this wisdom?

And to manage it is an ongoing discipline that we all fail at sooner or later. Yes. In the internal now is any of that necessary?

So the trick is changing focus from stuff out there to inside? i.e. What is in me to do, or not do now? Yes, putting the horse back in front of the cart.

I’m thinking society will call us disconnected with reality. Interesting. Reality is a flow, and it isn’t external in. The path of the external in is the path of death, and all of these transcendence fetishism seem to have orgasms at the prospect of the oblivion of identity. What in reality says that this is what reality wants, or ever wanted?

What do they cry out at this orgasm, “God!”? They do indeed, but what does “God” cause at orgasm, but the conception of a new identity?

And the beat goes on. Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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